Friday, September 30, 2016

Wilder's September 2016

Wilder's September 2016

The fall is my favorite time of year. I could go on and on about my love of cool mornings, specialty coffee drinks, sweaters and foliage, but since 2013, fall is my favorite because it's the time both of my babies were born. Wilder is two months away from being three years old, and this week we put him in his pants from last winter... but they're all too short. They fit in the waist, but they're short. Granted, they're 18  month old pants, and he's 34 months old... but he's growing in height for sure!

The biggest things I'm noticing about Wilder this month are the ways he's understanding his world. He's loving our homeschool preschool. He has picked up on phrases like "Let's talk about___" and "Let's learn about___" and inserts them into his own conversations. He knows so many colors, shapes and letters and numbers, and really enjoys reviewing them and pairing them with things like stickers, or objects to match. It's been really fun!

Some of the things he has said this month:

Sitting at the dinner table, he likes to direct everyone to be happy... which is great, but usually the adults have mouths full of y'know, food. "Want mama and dada and Felicity and mimi and papa all laugh with Wilder!" ::FAKE LAUGH FROM WILDER:: over and over. It's so funny. We get him to make his sister laugh, and she thinks it's so great when he interacts with her.

discussing his jacket: "It's so chilly outside. I need a jacket. Is there a snowman?"

After seeing workers put together our fire pit patio outside, he wants to play with his construction toys in that area. "Ima gonna bring my excavator and Snort (his name for his bulldozer--from Are You My Mother?) and Ima gonna work SO HARD."

Going to bed with his priorities in order: "Want Mama to lie down next to you? Ima gonna go to sweep and when I wake up, Ima gonna play SO MANY trains."

He got a haircut this month, and we talked about it a lot on the way there. He's very much a routines kid. He likes to know what is going to happen, and in what order, and he is better about scary things. He didn't cry at all getting his hair done. For the first time EVER!

It's so much fun to spend time with Wilder. He still narrates his life, but you can have conversations about it, and the things he says are a window to what he's thinking. I love it.

We're working on a new round of him testing his independence. He's able to take on more chores and practice being obedient, and while he's a pretty compliant kid most of the time, he does have his moments. But he's really intuitive, so everything has to be done with sensitivity to reach his heart.

Loving this new season with the babies. Wilder is just a sweet part of our family, and we are loving watching him grow up!

Here are some photos of Wilder from earlier this week. Felicity learned to climb up the stairs and she was so proud!

We saw a helicopter

climbing the stairs for the first time!

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