Monday, December 26, 2016

Wilder and Felicity December 16

For the first time since I was pregnant with Wilder, I've really dropped the ball on monthly updates. The holiday season was hectic and neither of the kids slept well--lots of wakings throughout the night, early mornings, trouble with naps--it was tiring and we had a hard time getting anything done. I think we're on the flip side now on all of that (hopefully!) but I'm still trying to catch up on life. I don't want to skip the updates for December and January because both kids have been growing and developing so much. I want to remember this season in their lives, and this is how I do it. So if you'll indulge me, I'm going to take a look back at Wilder and Felicity's December! 

Felicity - 14 months (December 2016)
Felicity's personality is growing as fast as her hair. Such opinions, so many smiles. She's cruising everywhere and occasionally letting go to stand up without assistance for a few seconds. She likes to carry things around while crawling, which is difficult, but she's determined. Just this month, Felicity has figured out push toys and she gamely toddles along after Wilder as he runs a loop around the house pushing a different toy.

Felicity is our little cheez-it, she beams at family and acquaintances. I also call her my little Nugget, and after hearing me sing "nuggie nuggie nuggie" in the super Mario brothers tune, Wilder calls her "nuggie nuggie nuggie" all the time right now. She likes to pick off stickers and grab things with her strong little fingers. Daily she gets into my purse, pulls out everything and starts picking out the credit cards from the slots in my wallet. For Christmas she got a toy purse with a phone, keys, credit card, mirror and a bracelet and she's been taking things out and putting them back in, then holding it and crawling off toward the door like she's going to go somewhere. Right now she wants anything that's mine: makeup, food, phone, comb, drink... she is my little copycat!

She has two new molars this month and some swollen gums so I think more teeth are coming. She's just gotten over being sick, teething, leap 9--it's been a rough and clingy month. But I know in my heart that this little girl is not going to my cuddle bug like Wilder. When she hurts herself, she wants to be held for about 2 seconds and then she gets mad and tells me in Felicity language exactly what happened. No sympathy wanted. She is tough! So when she is clingy, it's out of the ordinary for her. It's just this stage! It's been a tough few weeks with illness and travel in our house. Last week several nights both kids were up needing us 6 times in all. 

She's baby talking up a storm. It's ALMOST words. You can actually understand what she's trying to communicate a lot of times. She says the sounds and tones of words, but not quite the actual words, for a lot of words.

Felicity takes 1-2 naps a day. Still only adding up to maybe 2 hours each day. So a lot less than Wilder. 

She eats most anything, and loves protein like meatballs, bacon, chicken--you name it!

Wilder 3 years and a month
It was neat to see Wilder take in the Christmas season as a three-year-old. We worked on our advent tree craft every morning, and our advent calendar. He played with our toy nativity set all the time. We discussed Jesus' birth. He understood presents REAL quick, as we have multiple occasions with family to open presents. He seemed to enjoy each and every gift. My favorite thing about Wilder this month was his reaction to opening gifts. When it was his turn, he had to hide because he couldn't handle the anticipation. He wanted Zach to open his gift and then he would come running to check it out. It was just too much excitement to open it himself. So so so cute.

Wilder had so much fun with family over the holidays. Christmas Eve at Jashley and Grant's, Wilder played with the myriad of second and third cousins his age. They had so much fun and it definitely has changed the atmosphere of the holidays :-). 

When we were playing a game at Zach's Aunt Jan and Uncle Tom's house, he got really into the rolling of the dice. He got to participate. When Tom rolled a particularly fancy roll, Wilder exclaimed "Good JOB Tom!" hahahaha. 

When I tell him I love him, he's started saying "Awww, so cute." I would respond with "So cute YOU are!" and now I have a little Yoda. He tells me "Aw, so cute you are!" all the time. It makes my heart happy. :-)

Anyway, here is a big load of photos of the two of them from two days in December. Hope you enjoy!


I have  photos of me looking like this at her age!


he's saying "aw, so cute you are."