Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wilder's July 2016

Wilder in July!

Oh this boy! He is changing so much lately. I feel like this last month has been a big shift in Wilder's maturing. Part of which was his two-week swim class that ended last week.

Prior to the class, Wilder was super cautious and really scared of the pool. He would cling like a barnacle to me and wail the whole time. I was worried he wouldn't be able to focus on swimming with the teacher, but she said he would be a good candidate. I didn't get to watch his semi-private classes until the end, so I didn't know how he was doing. It's the first time that he's done anything besides Sunday church with a non-family member. The first day he cried a lot, but came out shivering and talking a mile a minute about "that was so cool! I was brave! I went under the water! That was awesome!" He resisted getting ready for swimming and cried before each class the first few days, but came out talking nonstop. Wednesday that first week, I downloaded "Try everything" by Shakira from his current favorite movie Zootopia and played it for him on the way there. It was the first time he's ever paid attention to a song on the radio, and he was really excited to hear "the bunny song." He told the swim teacher Shannon all about the bunny on the orange train during class. He started looking forward to our pre-class routine of choosing swim clothes and then going in the car to listen to the bunny song before swimming. By Friday, he was already swimming to the teacher from the steps!

I definitely shed some tears at hearing that. And during the next week of class, we really started to see signs of bravery in Wilder in other ways--and that has continued. It started with him going down the big slide at the toddler playground at church. He's been afraid to go down ALL slides--even his tiny one at home--for a long time. We'd ask if he wanted to go down and he's shake his head and tell us no. Now, he will climb up the slide on his own, and go down on his own. All the slides! He knows how to go down, but he likes climbing up too.

He is tall enough to easily climb out of his crib. He hasn't tried it when we're not there, but he almost fell out a few weeks ago when Zach was with him. We decided last week to change his bed from the crib to the toddler bed. THAT feels like such a milestone! He was really, really excited. he kept saying "This is so cool! I love my big boy bed! It's so comfy!" The first week he was scared to get out of it. He would wake up in the morning, sit up and say "I'm done!" for us to come get him. He had a hard time going to sleep though--he wanted one of us to lie on the floor next to his bed for a long time.

So despite getting swimmer's ear the second week, Wilder finished his swim class. Side note, we took him to the doctor, and for the first time, he was completely stoic about getting his ears examined. He let the doctor look at him and he sat quietly, then asked to "go see the Nemos" (fish tank). We got to go to his graduation with our friends and their little girl. Wilder went first, and he was a little nervous with all the adults watching (and baby sisters!) but he swam to the teacher, grabbing for her fingers.  He could swim from the teacher to the steps. He could use the kick board --floating and just hanging out. He could JUMP OFF THE EDGE and swim back to the side! I was fit to bust. It's so encouraging to see how much he learned in two weeks. And a few days ago, I asked him if he wanted to swim in his baby pool here at the house, and he ran for his swim clothes and said "I need to go swim with Miss Shannon. We need to go in Mommy's car. Want to listen to the bunny song and go swim with Miss Shannon." Haha! We're going swimming at a pool today at a friend's house, so we'll see how he does.

And back to the bed. Wilder figured out how to get out during a nap time last week. He would throw his happy face emoji pillow out and go get it over and over and over again. The last few days have just cracked me up. He takes a long time to go to sleep. If we let him alone and just watch, he wanders around his room, sitting in the toddler chair, his rocking chair, on the bed, on the rug. He opens and shuts the closet doors, tries to open the door and most of all, talks to himself while he reads books. He grabs books and goes and sits on his bed, telling himself "Just one more book. I need just ONE MORE book. 15 more books. Just one more book, and then lie down on this snuggly sheets." It's really funny. He's getting better about going down, but I don't mind the whole reading thing too much.... :-)

What else can I say? He's really eating a lot of yogurt lately. Like, it is the majority of his diet. Still on a protein strike, which is frustrating, but he'll eat fruit, cheerios and yogurt... so it could be worse. He's so sweet with Felicity. They get along really well and make each other laugh. Still snuggly with me and Zach, but I feel like overnight we went from rocking in his rocking chair at nap and bed to sitting beside his bed. :-(

Wilder is such a character. I really love his personality, and he's so much fun to be around. We still have tantrums, but he seems to do well when you lay out exactly what you're going to do, and give him options sometimes. We just love this stage in his life!

Here are some photos from the playground the other day!

Zach had just finished a run and met us at the park :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Felicity 9 months

9 months old

Something about the 9 month birthday seems momentous. We carry our babies for 9 months (or longer), so to see them reach the 9 months mark outside the womb is special.

Felicity is a little ball of sunshine. She smiles all the time, everyone is her friend. She loves her family and thinks daddy and brother are so funny. From the time she gets up she just lights up our world.

Not sure how much she weighs or height- I'll know that at her well baby appointment tomorrow. She's still in size 3 diapers and moving into 12 month old clothes.

Her new favorite things are eating and books--but thankfully, not really eating books! The baby-led weaning light switch has turned on and she is gobbling everything she can get in her mouth. Half of it ends up in her bib and chair, but she is trying. All the food! Favorites include strawberries, yogurt and chicken. 

She lovessss reading. Board books with flaps are so fun for her. We'll sit in the glider in her room and she will peek around me to look at her books when she wants to read. She picks the book, and is animated about reading, turning pages, etc. She squeals and claps and talks to the book. I love it! Her favorites right now are baby lit pride and prejudice, where is baby's belly button and Sophie the giraffe.

She has slept through the night many nights. Usually sleeps 8 pm to 7 am, and sometimes she'll get up once or twice. However, she doesn't nap too well. We are lucky to get one hour nap. Even if she's tired.

She has two teeth and is working on some more. These photos crack me up, you can tell her mouth is hurting her a little by the way she's smiling!

Surprising to me, she's not craving yet. She gets up on her forearms and knees, and she can rotate on her tummy or on her bottom, but she doesn't make much movement yet and it frustrates her. She likes watching everything from a seated position and she can reach REAL far out to grab something. So flexible!

I feel so blessed to have this sweet baby girl. She's my little side kick and i just love going places with her. She went on two photo shoots with me this month just because of logistics, and she did great. She loves going to baby showers and parties with me. Felicity is just a joy, and I'm really loving this stage in her life. I wish I could freeze time for a bit!

Here are some photos from today! She's pulling bits of fuzz off the horse to eat, of course. :-)