Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wilder and Felicity January 2017

**Special note** 2017 has been a year of a lot of changes for our family. Zach changed jobs which means less time at home for him, I've stepped up my work a lot, and I launched a new podcast called The Freelance Remuda with a friend of mine. These factors pretty much eliminated the time I had to blog about the kids. It makes me so sad, but I have continued to take monthly photos and written down little notes. I'm just going to make the best of it, but I won't be able to do such long blog updates. :-/ For this post, I wrote it months ago but I'm just now putting in photos. (It's July. AH! But I'm writing it for January. Thanks for your understanding!)

Wilder and Felicity, January 2017

Felicity, 15 months

Wilder, January 2017
January was a month of big leaps for Felicity and changes for Wilder.

Wilder has started interacting with Felicity more and more. I went to grab a pouch for Wilder and left them sitting together in the high chair and booster seat, and came back in the kitchen to see Felicity trying to "feed" Wilder something. But she didn't know how, so she pulled it back away before he could actually eat it. Wilder was so sweet-- he said "MMM That's good felicity. Thank you!"

Another time, I asked Wilder to keep an eye on his sister while I did something, and I came back to see Felicity digging in the toy shopping cart. Wilder was showing her all the foods and told her what each of them were.

Wilder had a huge blueberry at dinner one night. He sang to it softly, "happybirthday." But when he realized we noticed him singing, he started crying with embarrassment.

The first week of January, Wilder started an early learning preschool twice a week. It was quite a change, being around 6 other kids his age all day, and napping on a nap mat with them around. I was most worried about him eating, because we were almost like short order cooks at meals and you can't do that at school. But he and I pack his lunch together, so he really looks forward to eating it and he has started eating more in general. Still a vegetarian, but he eats a ton of cheese and yogurt. He was so tired after school those first few times. He still naps most days for up to 3 hours, so 90 minutes at school -- if he naps at all-- was not long enough. But he sleeps well at home still, thank goodness. He is pretty tired when he gets home from school, and sometimes emotional at drop off and pick up. But he talks about the things he does at school and he seems to be learning a lot!

These two have been chasing each other around the house with their push toys round and round. It's a little bit demolition derby, but Wilder is careful with Felicity. He wants her to chase him!

One big thing from Wilder that was really cool - he randomly told Zach "I love you" without any prompting. Just out of the blue!

I ran an errand with Wilder, and played the song "Oceans" for him. I explained that we listened to it while I was in labor with him, waiting to meed him, so the song always reminds me of when he was a little tiny baby. We listened quietly, and afterward I asked him what he thought about the song. He said "I love it. It's my favorite song." So matter of fact. He's just a doll.

Felicity took her first few steps this month, while trying to decorate the tree (It stayed up for a little while. Don't judge!). She really got into taking all the ornaments off and on the bottom of the tree the last few weeks we had it up. We had purposefully put unbreakable ornaments down there and she liked that.

We took the kids to San Antonio, and they got to play at Grandma Sara's assisted living home and explore--it was a lot of fun for them. We also took them out to my Dad's, and it was neat to see him and Wilder run around and play "chase." We've brought them out before, but I think Felicity being more mobile makes it a lot more fun for all of them. Wilder also slept on a twin bed on the floor--a first for him! He did great.

On January 29, Felicity was in the living room, and she just decided to walk. She got up holding her little book and just walked off. She walked laps around the house and little tiny circles for seriously 20 minutes. She would fall over and get back up--in a lunge position, still holding books. It was amazing!

She is still teething, and waking up multiple times a night in January. It was exhausting! (It's now February, and she's sleeping better, but I don't want to forget that season.).

We are still doing homeschool work with the kids, and they are loving it. Felicity really likes to color, and Wilder likes to assemble crafts and line up tactile letters.

Here are some photos from January!