Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ten months old

10 months old
We're into the double digits! This past month Wilder learned to crawl, and it's totally changed our little family! He's getting faster and faster--he's like a speedy turtle marching across the floor. He has found the wall plugs, and specks of leaf, and drawers to open and close, but he's not a tornado into everything (yet). It's been so fun watching him be really mobile, and he's having a blast getting around. Right now he'll crawlcrawlcrawl and stop and double over laaughing… and crawlcrawlcrawl. Just to go somewhere. If we build a stack of blocks or cups, he makes a beeline to knock them over as fast as he can. So fun. He's also still content to sit and read a book(really loves books right now) and to be worn in a carrier while we run errands. We go for walks or running with the stroller just about every day, and I think he likes seeing the world pass him by from his comfy seat.

This month, Wilder:

  • Weighs 17.9 lbs. I will say he had his clothes and diaper on for a sick visit at the Dr. on his birthday, so I think he weighed more than he would normally. :-) That's a whole bunch more than last month! I don't know how tall he is to be honest. I tried to measure him and it was around 28 inches.
  • He has 5 teeth--a top one is finally poking through!
  • He sleeps through the night sometimes, other times waking 1-2 times a night for a snack or to be rocked for a few minutes. He still sleeps 8 pm to 7 am most of the time, and takes two 2 1 hour-90 min naps a day.
  • He crawls! Rolls, crawls with military precision, drags a peg leg, practically break dances sometimes. He'll pull up on the coffee table to his knees too.
  • Wilder still eats 3 full meals a day. He loves his fruits and veggies. Cutie oranges and strawberries are favorites right now. He's started eating oatmeal too and loving it. He had some pureed zucchini soup this months and stuffed his baby belly full!
  • Wilder tries to share his food with us every single meal these days. 
  • He says "ohlohlohl" all the time right now. Also mum and dada. Still not totally connected to us though.
  • He loves reading books right now. Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Huggy, Kissy; and Sophies Colors are big favorites at the moment.
  • Wilder and Pierre are still buddies. Even now that Wilder can crawl at Pierre, he just accepts the "pets" and even let Wilder sit on him the other day. Pierre is worth his (hefty) weight in gold for his patience with the baby.
  • We went to Houston for a wedding and College Station for a reunion this month. That's twice he stayed in hotel rooms in a month, and he did so great. He'll even buckle down for naps… sort of. We're still working on that, but he slept at night so much better than past trips.

Here are some more photos!