Saturday, September 16, 2017

Felicity 23 months

Felicity, 23 months old

I'll catch up on blogging eventually! I've got drafts for the last few months, just  have to finish the posts! But I wanted to take a minute to talk about Felicity turning 23 months today.

My little firecracker is now two weeks older than Wilder was when she was born. Isn't that just crazy? Next month she'll be two... it feels like yesterday that I was wrapping up a summer with Wilder, waiting on her to be born. And last year at this time, she had just started crawling. This summer was totally different, and she just keeps getting more fun.

She is no longer a baby, she's fully a toddler, but she's still teeny tiny. I was editing these photos, and she looks so much older in photos than in real life. She's a miniature person, but she's like a little wood sprite flitting around, chattering away with laughter that bubbles up at a moment's notice. She's fierce, stubborn, sweet, happy---so many emotions in one little package. Felicity loves her brother, and they are (mostly) sweet with each other. Tonight, all on their own, they made up a game of chase, and lots of laughter ensued.

Wilder didn't want his photo taken today, or it would be a joint post. :-) I'll write more about him later this month.

Here are a couple of photos from today. Felicity woke up from her nap and I just had to take pictures of her beautiful hair. It's perfect to me. She's lovely, inside and out, and she keeps us on our toes!

Here are TWO of Wilder. I think Felicity took the last one actually! She was messing with my camera.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wilder and Felicity July 2017

Wilder and Felicity, July 2017
Catching up on a summer post! We were still staying in Cedar Hill the month of July. Lost of parks and playgrounds to visit near Zach's parents' house, so the kids had a lot of fun each day. We went to splash pads several times. Wilder loved it, Felicity was anti-water. Maybe next year they will both enjoy it. Wilder also loved running in the sprinklers!

Wilder was missing our house, and very concerned about what kind of construction was happening there, so we visited the house after church one day. He brought out his toy hammer to help fix the floor.

Wilder and Felicity have started interacting and playing together more and more, and it's really precious to watch!

The scariest thing happened in July. I'd taken Wilder and Felicity to the splash pad in Cedar Hill, and it was a really hot day--about average for the summer, but still pretty hot. There's not a lot of shade there. Which is fine, when you're in the water, but Felicity was roasting. I wrapped her up in the Frogg Togg chilling towel and we had ice cold water, but she was wilting in the heat so we went home. She didn't eat much lunch because she wanted to nurse and go take a nap--also normal. I put her down, and she napped a little longer than usual. When I went to get her, she nursed for a while and then sat up and started babbling. Then she crunched over and started seizing in my arms. I put her on her side on the bed and called 9-1-1. Wilder was asleep and it was just me and Dean at the house. EMS got there literally 3 minutes after I called--Felicity only seized for about a minute, then she threw up and was miserable. She had a temp of 101 when the EMT checked it. Not terribly high, but he said sometimes a seizure is the body's way of resetting when the temperature gets too high. It started going back down pretty quickly, but she definitely didn't feel well. Rather than me drive her to the nearest pediatric emergency room to get check out, in rush hour traffic, and risk her seizing again, we rode in the ambulance to Dallas. It was both of ours first trip in an ambulance. She did fine, didn't have another seizure and the dr. determined it was a febrile seizure, possibly from a virus. So all was OK and we headed home..

That night and the next night she had 103.5 fevers, even with medicine and we almost took her to the hospital again. It went down during the day. But she made it through--I was really thankful to be sharing a room with her during those nights. We thought she might have been getting roseola, but on the third day of fever, it broke and she never got a rash. She had no other symptoms. It was really scary. I knew what was happening as soon as she started seizing, even though neither of my kids have had febrile seizures before. That 2 minutes of time was the longest of my life, and it replayed in my mind over and over. Now, when she feels warm, we check her temperature frequently and keep a close eye on her. It wasn't the high temp in this case, I think it was how quickly ir rose. Our pediatrician told us typically the first day of a fever is the riskiest for seizures. Learned a lot through this experience. She is totally fine now, praise God.

And here are some photos from July. :-)