Saturday, September 16, 2017

Felicity 23 months

Felicity, 23 months old

I'll catch up on blogging eventually! I've got drafts for the last few months, just  have to finish the posts! But I wanted to take a minute to talk about Felicity turning 23 months today.

My little firecracker is now two weeks older than Wilder was when she was born. Isn't that just crazy? Next month she'll be two... it feels like yesterday that I was wrapping up a summer with Wilder, waiting on her to be born. And last year at this time, she had just started crawling. This summer was totally different, and she just keeps getting more fun.

She is no longer a baby, she's fully a toddler, but she's still teeny tiny. I was editing these photos, and she looks so much older in photos than in real life. She's a miniature person, but she's like a little wood sprite flitting around, chattering away with laughter that bubbles up at a moment's notice. She's fierce, stubborn, sweet, happy---so many emotions in one little package. Felicity loves her brother, and they are (mostly) sweet with each other. Tonight, all on their own, they made up a game of chase, and lots of laughter ensued.

Wilder didn't want his photo taken today, or it would be a joint post. :-) I'll write more about him later this month.

Here are a couple of photos from today. Felicity woke up from her nap and I just had to take pictures of her beautiful hair. It's perfect to me. She's lovely, inside and out, and she keeps us on our toes!

Here are TWO of Wilder. I think Felicity took the last one actually! She was messing with my camera.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Wilder and Felicity June 2017

June was bit of a crazy month. The slab leak showed up in the first part of the month, I went out of town for a week mid June, and while I was gone, Zach and the kids moved in with Sharon and Dean. It was only supposed to be for two weeks, but it ended up being more than two months. Both kids had a great time with Mimi and Papa, and we loved going to the parks, splash pads and playgrounds in the area, but it was an adjustment for them.

Wilder stopped napping regularly. Felicity took more than an hour to go to bed every night and woke up 3-4 times every night to nurse. So they were tired kids. And we were tired parents. But it was a really fun month otherwise. 

Last summer, Felicity wasn't even crawling. This summer she's running everywhere! So our activity level has changed a lot. Wilder is a lot more courageous on the playground and enamored with the sprinkler... and we FINALLY made it to a splash pad for the first time. He LOVED it. Felicity, after a day or two in the kiddie pool at our house, decided she was over the water activities, so she was decidedly against all splash pad and sprinkler excursions. That made it a little challenging for our adventures, but we made it work.

Wilder finally got the hang of his bike in a big way. We started going for long walks around Sharon and Dean's neighborhood. My grandma got Felicity her own balance bike for an early birthday present, and Mimi and Papa got her a helmet. She loves wearing the helmet, and struggles with the bike. She likes the idea of it, but she's not quite strong enough to get it going. It took Wilder almost 2 years to really get the hang of his, so we weren't surprised. But she has the option of riding it!
June, July and August were very very heavy work months for me, so I didn't take as many notes as normal. But I'd love to share a bunch of photos from the park by Zach's parents house!

He was dancing :-)

So Sister had to dance too!

he lets her have a death grip on his finger!

dancing again :-)