Friday, February 26, 2016

Wilder's February 2016

This sweet boy of ours! 2 years, 3 months old. Wilder has started trying to play with Felicity. At least once a day, he'll come over close to where she is and say "baaaaby siiiiister" and get real close to her face. Or he will "tumble" all around her. She laughs at him and he's actually gotten her to stop fussing a couple of times by grabbing her hand and talking to her. He's a really sweet big brother, but he doesn't like it when she starts screeching at top volume.

He's getting into kicking the soccer ball lately, which makes sense (daddy was a star!) and he's already better at controlling the ball than me! He laughs and laughs when he can kick it the way he wants. Even missing the ball is funny when he has Zach and I laughing with him.

Wilder really loves to read. He's started asking us to rock him and read first thing in the morning, or pretty much anytime it's just one of us and him in his room. I really love reading with him, even if it is his Cars 2 book with sound effects and ripped pages. We read Dinosaur Roar, Welcome to Trucktown and We Have a Baby just about every day. He has many of his books memorized so he can help read along. It is amazing the things he understands in these books!

99.9% of Wilder's favorite toys are vehicle/transportation related, but he loves pushing cars and trains and planes around. He loves to play outside and he's really developed neat bonds with family. He likes to play with his little friend Haddie, and they have a lot of fun.

Wilder has been saying "thaaaats prettycool" a lot. He calls Zach "the big daddy" sometimes and me "the mama." Many times if he wants to see someone (me, Zach, Mimi, Papa) he'll say "Here comes ____. Here he/she comes!" If he gets upset about something, and you are talking things out he will say "sounds good!" Through his tears or "it be ok!" He's such a sweet heart. And he can repeat and understand so many words and phrases with his little boy voice.

Right now his favorite foods are apples, sugar snap peas and Popsicles. He's gotten really good at eating good meals though. Not so much pouches!

I took these photos today and he is a teeny little boy, but I nearly cried editing the images. He looks so grown up! Not in real life, just the photos! 😭 slow down son!

"smackin' the puffers!"

I asked him to show me his truck. He was really excited because he just got it like 30 min before!

Not sure what this pose was! He never does this!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 2016 Family Photos

My SIL Jashley does an amazing job capturing images for our family. Here are some photos at Felicity's 3 month mark. Love them!