Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wilder's August 2016

August 2016

Our little guy is growing and maturing more every day! Wilder is thoughtful, observant and it's amazing the things he says each day. He comes up with these funny accents and over emphasizes words sometimes.

He's adjusting to his big boy bed a bit better. He has his routine and he likes sticking to it. He's started brushing his teeth by himself, and he's learned what each of our names are. Felicity is mobile now and into everything so he's learning to share and let sister play with his things--tough for him, especially when she wants his trains!

We started going through the AWANA Cubbies handbook for Bible verses and so far he really likes it. We are starting to do homeschool preschool curriculum next week. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but we will see how they do. I basically just want to be more intentional with our learning, so I got a curriculum to plan it out.

Wilder's days are fairly routine, but he loves knowing what comes next, and our zoo visits and play dates are fun too.  He really enjoys the zoo this summer, especially the elephants and lions and gorillas.

Things he's said this month:

"Mama, I like your... Hair. I like your... Eyes. I like your... Shoes. Sister, I like your ... Things." 

"I need some Allinol" (Tylenol)

"Look at those towers, off in the distance."

"She's a FOX!" (Felicity's pajamas have a fox face on them)

"Sister is a mess! (Every meal)  She is throwing her food on the ground. I think she is finished."

We just moved his high chair into being a booster up at the table, so he's eating with the big kids now. He is so funny--careful with his plate and silverware. Today we gave him a napkin and showed him how to use it, and he gently placed it on his lap. Drinking out of his little cup with one hand. It's so cute.

Zach comes up with games for Wilder all the time, and now they incorporate Felicity. Things like playing hide n go seek, where Zach holds Felicity and they seek Wilder hiding, or Zach/Felicity hide and Wilder comes and finds them. Or lately, they play chase. Sometimes Zach will hold Felicity and they'll "chase" Wilder, or Zach and Wilder chase each other and tag Felicity as they run by. It's great fun for all--lots of laughs all around.

We are loving watching Wilder grow up a little more all the time, but it warms the heart how he still wants us near. My favorite thing is when he crawls up in my lap and says "Let's read some books Mama." He loves to read books with us. And at the end of the day, we don't rock in the rocking chair anymore. We sit in his bed and read for a while, then he asks me to lie down on the ground next to his bed (thank goodness for extra blankets and the sheepskin rug) and we just lay quietly as he drifts closer to sleep.

Here are some photos from this weekend. He was under the weather, poor guy, but still had so much fun showing me his tractor trailer!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Felicity 10 months

My baby girl is in the double digits! I'm in denial. Felicity still feels little, not almost a year old! Felicity is growing and changing so much. She's so close to crawling--she'll crawl a few steps and then army crawl or sit and turn. She can scootch pretty quickly, so I can't imagine how fast she will be when she can really crawl! She can sit up in bed--we lowered it a notch this week. She says "dada" a lot and a bunch of other baby sounds. It's been so fun to have this happy, sociable little love bug in our lives. She is such a blessing.

Felicity weighs somewhere between 16 and 17 pounds. I feel like she's getting so tall, but I don't know how tall she is, :-) She wears mostly 12 month old clothes, but she can fit in some 9 month old things. I got her some "big girl" pajamas today that are tops and bottoms because I'm tired of snaps! Her hair grows overnight, I'm sure of it. I've started to pull her bangs back in a little elastic on top of her head. And we're trying clips and such. Girl hair is a whole new world for me. :-)

Felicity babbles quite a bit. She's picked up a wubbanub pacifier habit and it is so funny. I think it helps with her teeth. Other favorite toys are baby dolls, Elmo and anything sparkly. She loves to read books (favorites are still Pride and Prejudice and Sophie's Busy Day, also Elmo Says); she can entertain herself for quite a while (especially when she can scootch over to something fun and get into a mess!). She loves playing with her big brother. She went out to the barn with the family last week and was interested in the horse and me riding. I would love it if she wanted to ride, but I mostly just want both kids exposed to horses so they know how to be safe around them.

She's getting better at naps - 1-2 naps a day, one sometimes around 10:30, and at least one is during Wilder's nap. But it's always shorter than his--usually about 90 minutes. She is teething up a storm so bedtime takes a really long time this past week and a half. She just wants to talk and talk... and then doesn't want to be put down even after she's dead asleep. And she's been waking up in the night and taking over an hour to go back to bed for the same reason. She technically has a new tooth up top, but it's still poking through. That makes three teeth! And another is almost here on top. Praying for a respite from the teething. She's not fussy during the day, just chewing away on her finger or sucking on her paci. It just really bothers her at night. Bless her heart. :-(

This past weekend we celebrated Felicity's baby dedication in our home. It was a sweet time gathering with friends from our home group and family, and it's such a blessing knowing Felicity will grow up with these godly influences in her life.

I can't tell y'all how much I am enjoying having both a boy and a girl. I've enjoyed all the things Wilder likes to do and talk about (planes, cars, construction vehicles, trains, etc) and we have such a good time. He is so precious and has such a tender heart.  But as Felicity gets a little older, I keep thinking of fun girl things we'll get to do, if she wants to do them. Tea parties, playing baby dolls, painting our nails, maybe riding horses, sharing books. It's all fanciful, because for all I know she could be uninterested in any of that. But I am just so loving both these children, and watching them grow up.

Here are some photos from Sunday!

This is the face that goes with her dinosaur cooing

straight up from the nap bedhead!