Thursday, March 30, 2017

March bluebonnets with Wilder and Felicity

Ah, Texas in the springtime! We took these photos in March, in Cedar Hill at the park near Sharon and Dean's.

Zach was studying for his realtor license this month, and then I worked a conference for a week straight (plus a very heavy deadline workload), so our time together is starting to change. And we knew it would only change more as Zach transitioned to a realtor position. Therefore, we really enjoyed the sweet times we had together as a family in March: reading, playing trains, blowing bubbles, going for walks. I strung up string in our kitchen to make a "gallery wall" of the art the kids made during our homeschool time, and they love seeing it up there and discussing it.

Both kids got sick this month--Felicity got her first ear infection. :-/ When they weren't sick, they got to meet up with Zach's cousin Kelle and her six children at a nearby playground. They live in Germany right now, so it was great for the kids to get to play.

This month, Felicity's been talking more and more. She's figured out how to ask to nurse and says "NACK" (Snack) whenever she sees me. And she can say "open, shut!" with hand motions. She loves reading books right now. She was missing Wilder at school. One day he came home and she ran and grabbed his hand to show him around in the front yard all the things she noticed. Felicity loves to get into my makeup, and she put some on Zach! He looked beautiful.

When Wilder thinks something is funny, he laughs maniacally and say OH MY GOODNESS!" or "Oh my gosh!" (working on that one!). Wilder really understands bedtime stories, and he'll repeat them back from memory. He still loves his trains! And he even pooped on the potty - it was a fluke, but still! Wilder has started being affectionate with Felicity. They were taking a bath and she wasn't feeling well, and he gave her big hugs. The next day, she fell down and hurt herself, and he gave her another hug and she stopped crying.

Here are some more photos from our bluebonnet shoot!

Attempting a hug