Friday, February 1, 2013

The Masquerade Housewarming New Year's Party

The host and hostess
On New Year's Eve, Zach and I hosted a party. It was our first big soiree at our house, and in theory it was a good idea. However, we were really busy leading up to it (so finishing setting up decor didn't happen) and we actually were out of town until the DAY OF the party, arriving from San Antonio at about 1 pm. Yikes! But I pre-shopped (and pre cooked actually) and my in-laws helped out, so I think the party turned out pretty well. Lots of our friends came out to celebrate our masquerade / housewarming / New Year's occasion! Following are some photos :-)

Kate; Sharon, Zach and I; my brother Jonathan and his fiance Holly; Cade and Courtney

Sarah and Drew; Sharon and Esther, Jashley, me and Ashley (haha); Ryan and Ironman Alicia

Ryan and Ashley; Marisa and Jacob; Jonathan and Holly (with the dogs of the house); Grant, Gene and Esther

The liquors; the champagne (and sparkling wine) punches; the foods and the desserts.

Scott and Becca; Zach and Clint; Karen and Jimmy; Me, Zach, Jonathan and Holly post party

Our entryway had tons of masks laid out as party favors.

Pierre thought that meant toys for the cat. He walked all over them and sat down on top of them, splattering them around.

All for me, he says
 Kate and I decided to address the problem, first giving him his own mask. He did not approve.
Not quite his style

Next I tried to pry him off the counter, but he hung on like a barnacle! 
Never gonna let you go!
Finally Kate got the idea to blow a noisemaker at Pierre. I tried to take a photo, but we vastly underestimated its volume and effect... Pierre freaked out and took off for the Christmas tree. Masks fluttered everywhere, even behind the tree. I keeled over laughing, but we might have caused Pierre to lose one of his nine lives. He stayed away from the masks after that...
Yeah, I'm a photographer

 Meanwhile, in another part of the house, a head-measuring contest was going on. I don't know how it got started, but it was pretty entertaining.

NOT the largest head
I knew my brother would win. Jonathan's head was definitely the record breaker. :-) I'm so proud.

Giant. jk!

Alfred was not a fan

Almost all of our guests! Missing a few!
Pierre, taking care of Alicia and her baby after the party
 We had so much fun!