Monday, May 29, 2017

Wilder and Felicity May 2017

Wilder and Felicity, May 2017
Felicity, 19 months
Wilder, May 2017

These photos were taken at our new favorite park near our house! In May, we went to San Antonio and the kids got to spend time with my dad and Grandma. They did really well on the road trip. When we got back, Zach started his job with Keller Williams and began all day training basically 6 days a week. So May was a different month for Wilder and Felicity, getting used to Daddy not being around as much. It was an adjustment, but it also made the times we did get to have all together so much sweeter. Like one day we went to the park near church together, and Wilder instructed Zach and I to wrestle, then he wanted us all to wrestle (him and Felicity included), then he wanted to hold Felicity's hand and walk around the playground with Zach and I also holding hands. I can tell how much Wilder loves these "family" times.

This month, Wilder started getting the hang of his balance bike. He's so proud of himself, and Felicity cheered on his efforts, handing him water when he stopped for a break. It was so cute.

Lately, Wilder puts his arm around Zach when we pray at night and at meals. He has started telling both of us (spontaneously) "I love you Daddy" and "I love you Mama." 

I felt so honored--Wilder invited me to play with him and assigned me a train. Normally I would just kind of talk with him about what he was playing with and fix the train tracks. So that was pretty cool!

Wilder had his first school program this month. It was SO SO cute to see him and all his school buddies up on stage dancing and singing. Wilder didn't sing, but he danced around and clapped and was great at following directions. :-) My heart about busted my buttons!

Felicity fell in love with her Papa Dean's lab Sandy. She even wanted to FaceTime her when we talked to Dean on the phone.

Felicity loves accessories and costumes. She found her birthday fairy wings and flower crown and flitted around the house!

We pulled out the water table this month and Felicity played with it for the first time. Last summer she wasn't even crawling yet, and she's of course been walking like a pro for a while. It makes for a much different--and even more fun--dynamic!

Felicity has started saying "bed" and wanting to go to bed, instead of always getting nursed to sleep. She is also nursing less and less. (Future note--I wrote this months later--this was definitely a phase, not a longterm sign of weaning!)

Here are some more photos!


Obsession with this picnic basket on this day for some reason. Tears were shed when we tried to set it aside for photos.

She loves her brother

Hand holding!

my favorite photo of the day. hahahahah

picnics all over the place