Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wilder is 3!

3 years old

Wilder is 3 years old! I blinked my eyes and he went from a newborn to a tender hearted but tough little boy. Because of him, our lives are full of vehicles, trains planes and construction equipment. He loves playing chase around the house while he pushes any rolling apparatus (right now it's Felicity's stroller push walker or his shopping cart), reading, watching his shows and playing with his toys.

I just feel so blessed that Wilder is the son God gave us. It's such a joy to watch him grow and take in his world. I love hearing him talk about what he's doing, and it's been really neat watching him pursue his interests.

Wilder is such a sweetheart. I will never get tired of hearing him say "awww hi mama" when he sees me. He tells me "aww so cute" and I think it's how he says "I love you" right now. But he says "I love you" too. He makes my heart explode, this kid.

Earlier this week, with thanksgiving craziness, I needed to make the kids dinner, but Felicity was DONE playing on the floor. She wanted to be held. I asked Wilder to play with her - he was playing with a car toy that the Airbnb house had. He was really sweet and said "Look Felicity. This is a car ramp. And look! Here's the car. See how it goes up the ramp?" And just started explaining to her what he was doing. She stopped fussing and started listening. He's actually good at helping her calm down if she gets upset. He's learning to share with her, and it's surprising to me how kind he is to her. He laughs when she does something funny, and he seems to enjoy her crawling into his bed to play in the morning.

We had a rough couple of weeks with testing boundaries, but we seem to have worked through it for now. We'll see what the future holds!

This week we stayed in new braunfels for Thanksgiving. We stayed on a farm with a bunch of tractors, goats and a big dog. Wilder loved exploring and went on long walks down the gravel driveway every day, pushing his toy lawn mower.

Today wasWilder's birthday party and it was construction vehicle themed. He loved all the decor, and he had a great time with all the kids that came. It was so much fun watching him enjoy himself.

Here are some photos from this week on the farm!

looking at the dog!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Felicity 13 months

13 months old!

Felicity is 13 months old today! She's been pulling up to stand as much as she can, and she's started figuring out how to cruise a step or two. She crawls everywhere FAST and gets into everything. She loves to carry my stuff (like my wallet) as she crawls around the house. We have had to start shutting the stairs gate and various doors to prevent access because she wants to explore and dig through cabinets!

Felicity is a happy girl. Her smile lights up our life, and she loves to laugh. Her bouncy curls match her bubbly personality. She can say mama, dada, mimi, papa, baby... she calls her pacifier "baby" and has started going around saying "Abby" to random things. She can roar like a lion when she sees a picture, toy or real-life lion. She putters like a car or airplane when she gets ahold of one of Wilder's vehicle toys. Lately she's been carrying around his miniature Francesco Bernoulli (from Cars). I think it's her favorite.

She loves to read books. Even more than having us read to her, she likes to sit and read to herself. She loves books with textures, flaps and books about little kids (she calls them "baby"). She's also loving horses--which makes me happy, of course!

Felicity likes trying to put her shoes on, she likes her sunglasses, she's interested in jewelry and she likes carrying around my phone, keys, credit card...

She invades WIlder's space all the time, especially in the bathtub. But he likes playing with her most of the time. She'll hang on for dear life if she gets ahold of his toy, so sometimes there's a battle there, but he is so sweet with her. Every morning we come in his room and she'll crawl into his bed to jump on it like a trampoline. He's always so sweet, saying things like "Good morning felicity." I would be so annoyed to have another person wake me up that way, but he doesn't mind at all and often laughs at her silliness.

That's another thing--Felicity now climbs on the toddler trampoline and jumps. WHAT?? She's barely tall enough to reach the bar. She liked to use it to climb onto the couch, but she fell and nearly fell a few times so we moved it away. Fearless girl!

She's in size 3 shoes, size 12 month clothes. She eats a ton--meat and protein are still her favorite. She ate about 7 shrimp tonight with her dinner. It's crazy how much she can put away! Felicity tried brie on crackers this week and she's a fan. She has 8 hard-fought teeth now, and I feel like she's still teething. It really disrupts her sleep. Last week she didn't nap a single afternoon nap, and she's been waking up every night at least once for a couple of weeks. And this last week or so she's started waking up an hour early and STAYING awake. It's been rough times.

Halloween was fun! Wilder was the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Felicity was the Beautiful Butterfly. They're costumes were so cute and they both liked wearing them to the Trunk or Treat at church. Win all around!

Looking forward to Wilder's birthday next week and Thanksgiving! Here are a bunch of photos from today.



 A typical playtime scenario: Felicity grabs Wilder's toys... he tries to get them back. They both laugh. (phew)

chasing brother

watching brother play 

She loves Wilder

She knows this is her brother's water. HAHA!

He knows this is Sister's water. HAHA!