Friday, December 25, 2015

Wilder's 25 month

25 months on the 25th!
Merry Christmas! I can't decide what to call these updates for Wilder now that he's two. I like checking in on his growth, but it seems silly to keep counting months. He's 25 months old today on December 25!

Wilder has started putting several sentences together. He talks so much and it's amazing the inferences he's able to draw. Last night (Christmas Eve) he looked out the car window and said "I see reindeer. Here they come." Which is bizarre because we've never talked a lot Santa or reindeer, or even watched Rudolph. We do sing the song though, now that I think of it.

Anyway, he'll say things like "Who is that guy? I don't know." And "Where is it? Disappeared." He wakes up talking a lot baby sister, and he always wants to check on where she is if I am with him and she's not with me. Other stuff he's said: "Missed it! Try again."

He's really surprising me with how he handles having a little sister. He is so patient when she cries or he has to wait when we are going somewhere. He likes to hold her hand sometimes or pat her head--big for him because he's not overly affectionate.

He still loves to read, and has started finishing sentences in his favorite books when prompted. It's amazing, the toddler memory. I'm really glad he likes to read, with the lure of screens everywhere (even our house!). But he enjoys books too. He focuses on one task at a time, and can get lost in playing with his trains for quite a while at a time. He still really likes cars, trains and planes.

Lately he's been my little personal trainer. I go walking just about every day with him in the single stroller, or most of the time, with both Wilder and Felicity in the double stroller. He'll say "go for a walk! Let's go!" And when I ask him at intersections which way we should go, he will point and say "that way!" Or say straight or left or right. 

He's grown a bit. He's 24 lbs, 34 inches tall and he wears 18 mo pants with a belt or drawstring. 24 month/2T tops.

Wilder is really a joy. He has his moments of being a toddler, but he has such a sweet heart. He's a lot of fun. Happy 25 months Wilder!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Felicity 2 Months

2 months old

Our little doll baby is two months old! Felicity Rose has grown and changed a lot in the last month. She's still technically a newborn, and has a newborn sleep and eating schedule, but she's so strong and active that it's hard to believe she's so young. She can hold her head up really well and she does pretty well at tummy time. When she's awake, and not nursing, she has started kicking her legs and waving her arms and if you hold her trunk, she'll bounce and "walk" all the time. We call her Miss Kickety. She is really energetic. I have a feeling she'll be chasing Wilder far sooner than we expect.

Felicity is such a sweet baby. She loves to smile, and her talking sounds like a little dove. It warms my heart to see her smiling happy face every day, and I love to watch her fall asleep in my arms. She really really, REALLY likes to be with me at all times. There were several days just last week where, between her sleeping on me at night, nursing and me wearing her in a wrap because she wanted only me, I figured I held her for 21 hours in a day, several days in a row. But then she went two nights where she slept 5.5 hours and 7.5 hours straight all by herself in her bassinet on the bed. So it's a toss up. I know these days are fleeting, and I'm going to miss all these snuggles, so I keep thinking of that when my arms and back hurt. She does sleep well in her swing, and her bassinet next to me at night. I'd estimate that she takes about 4 naps in a day for anywhere from 1-3 hours (the long one is thankfully usually at the same time as Wilder's long nap) and nurses around 3-4 times a night on average. Her most wakeful time is right before bed, and she wakes up slowly in the morning (like mama wishes she could!) Hoping to move more of her naps to her bed in the future, but for now, I can do some work while she sleeps on me in the boba wrap. LIFESAVER, that babywearing.

Nursing is going great. After the tongue and lip tie revision, chiropractic work and osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) to release the restrictions, we are golden. No pain for me, she's getting more efficient and she's decided that laid-back nursing is her preference. She likes to be tummy to tummy, and I'm pretty sure she'd rather sleep on her belly if I would let her.

Her two-month visit is next week, so I'll update with stats then, but she is solidly in 3 month old clothes, actually outgrowing some of them already. She weighed 12 pounds two weeks ago! I can't wait to see how she's grown at her pediatrician appointment!

Felicity is a big fan of her big brother. She watches him whenever he is nearby, and I think if she could, she would walk herself on over to him!  Every morning Zach brings Wilder into the bed and we sit and read books (Wilder will body slam the pillows) and talk before breakfast. And in the evening we also read books before bed. She likes when we all read books together and she pays close attention. Wilder likes to talk about her ("Baby sister. So tiny. So LITTLE. Lookit her.") and he's started to want to hold her hand. Today he wanted to hold her! Progress :-) He laughs so hard when she kicks her legs like she's riding a recumbent bike in the bouncer.

We've switched her to a convertible car seat and she seems to like it better than the infant seat. I'm excited because we got her a purple one! In her short 8 weeks of life, she's been to San Antonio twice, and will go a third time this weekend. She has been a champ on the road!

Here are some more photos of my little nugget. We're so blessed with our baby girl and look forward to watching her grow!

Eyebrow at the horse. lol!

This is her Kickety face

trying to figure out that horse!