Friday, December 25, 2015

Wilder's 25 month

25 months on the 25th!
Merry Christmas! I can't decide what to call these updates for Wilder now that he's two. I like checking in on his growth, but it seems silly to keep counting months. He's 25 months old today on December 25!

Wilder has started putting several sentences together. He talks so much and it's amazing the inferences he's able to draw. Last night (Christmas Eve) he looked out the car window and said "I see reindeer. Here they come." Which is bizarre because we've never talked a lot Santa or reindeer, or even watched Rudolph. We do sing the song though, now that I think of it.

Anyway, he'll say things like "Who is that guy? I don't know." And "Where is it? Disappeared." He wakes up talking a lot baby sister, and he always wants to check on where she is if I am with him and she's not with me. Other stuff he's said: "Missed it! Try again."

He's really surprising me with how he handles having a little sister. He is so patient when she cries or he has to wait when we are going somewhere. He likes to hold her hand sometimes or pat her head--big for him because he's not overly affectionate.

He still loves to read, and has started finishing sentences in his favorite books when prompted. It's amazing, the toddler memory. I'm really glad he likes to read, with the lure of screens everywhere (even our house!). But he enjoys books too. He focuses on one task at a time, and can get lost in playing with his trains for quite a while at a time. He still really likes cars, trains and planes.

Lately he's been my little personal trainer. I go walking just about every day with him in the single stroller, or most of the time, with both Wilder and Felicity in the double stroller. He'll say "go for a walk! Let's go!" And when I ask him at intersections which way we should go, he will point and say "that way!" Or say straight or left or right. 

He's grown a bit. He's 24 lbs, 34 inches tall and he wears 18 mo pants with a belt or drawstring. 24 month/2T tops.

Wilder is really a joy. He has his moments of being a toddler, but he has such a sweet heart. He's a lot of fun. Happy 25 months Wilder!

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