Friday, September 16, 2016

Felicity 11 months

11 months old
Where has this year gone?? I'm having so many flash backs of this time last year, doing all these concerts, trips to the zoo, outdoor fancy dinners and state fair outings... In the last month of my pregnancy! And now, we have this lovely, vivacious, sunshine of a little girl who lights up our lives and makes us smile all the time. Felicity is such a wonderful part of our family.

She's 29 inches tall and about 18 pounds. She's wearing 12 month clothes. She has 5 teeth, all broken through within the last two months. It's been rough with teething!

She goes to bed by 8 pm and either sleeps till 6:30 or 7 am, or wakes once sometime in the night...sometimes twice. She consistently takes one nap right after lunch for about 1-2 hours. She is still tired around 10 am but doesn't always nap. She's ready to go to bed sooner than when she's going at this point and I think it's because she doesn't nap long enough.

Felicity is a big fan of food these days. She still breastfeeds on demand, but she's started chowing down at meals. We are avoiding dairy right now in hopes of improving her digestion, but she loves all meats, oatmeal, blueberries, strawberries, cucumber, rice and noodles.

She can say dada, mama and bye-bye with a wave. She claps when we say "yay!" Pretty sure she said Ellie and she's tried to say Alfred, but mostly she happy-screeches at the pets as she tries to love them.

The big news this month is Felicity can crawl now! She started pretty much the day after we got back from our girl trip to New Jersey to visit our friends the Beavers. Maybe it was watching the two older girls run around that motivated her, but she's really got it down now. And this week she has discovered the pantry and the one cabinet reserved for kids in the kitchen and she makes a beeline to explore and pull everything out. It's so funny to see her examine things.

Our trip was super fun! We flew just us two girls, and she was happy as can be (with distractions, toys, books and snacks) but especially because our seat mates each way were kind and interacted with the social bug. She smiled and had a great time... and took naps in the Tula! Visiting the Beavers was a lot of fun. The two older girls (3 and almost 2) took care that Felicity had her paci and toys and just loved on her. Felicity had so much fun with the big girls, and I had a great visit with Alicia.

If I was to try to describe baby Felicity's favorite things, it's pretty much books, her baby dolls/stuffed Elmo and dropping cars down Wilders parking ramp toy. She really likes just looking through books, and being read to, for quite a long time in a sitting. Today she carried a book around, flipping pages, for more than an hour!

As she gets older, we love watching her personality develop. Felicity smiles so much. She's pretty easygoing. She loves any attention from Wilder and she eats up time with her daddy. She's my little sidekick. I take her with me to run errands whenever I can because she's just such a fun baby. She loves people and parties and life! She's a bit opinionated now and will get mad if we take something away or thwart her plans. Don't we all get a little bit annoyed when we can't do what we want? I am loving seeing her grow more and more into herself. Lots more fun ahead!

Here are some more photos from today!

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