Thursday, April 21, 2016

Felicity 6 months

6 months old!
I wrote this on Saturday, but things got a little crazy (Our family left for PARIS on Monday and I was wrapping up work stuff!) but I wanted to share about baby sister's big half year birthday.

How can our little baby Felicity be 6 months old? Half of a year she's been in our lives, and she's been such a joy. She smiles all the time and wants to see everything around her with her big eyes. She's like an owl sometimes, trying to see everything. But she approaches the world with open arms. Literally. She is spread eagle when you hold her, welcoming everyone with a smile. She is a little jewel and her sparkling eyes make me so happy.

She laughs and makes all kinds of baby talking noises. She smacks her lips, blows raspberries, and generally makes dinosaur noises. She has a deep belly laugh and thinks her daddy and big brother are the funniest. She bounces and kicks, stomps and tries to walk, waves her arms... She's constantly in motion and trying to grab things.

Still a mama's girl, Felicity is comfortable with hanging out with her Daddy, Papa and Mimi, and she likes interacting with people very much...from my arms.

She finally and temporarily evened out the sleeping thing, after waking 3-8 times a night... I got about a week of her sleeping from bed time till 5 am and eventually up at 7:00 for the day. But now I think we are teething, and she's back to waking up 3-5 times a night. We aim for 3 naps a day but she generally will only succumb to one good long nap. That sometimes does not coincide with brother's nap, so it's a bit challenging!

She can sit by herself without assistance, and she took a bath with Wilder earlier this week. That was really fun :-) We also started introducing solid food this week. We are doing baby-led weaning, like we did with Wilder. She likes sitting in the high chair a lot because she is at the same level as everyone else and she's right by brother. She's been offered different foods, and so far she's actually eaten a bit of watermelon, banana, noodle and cucumber. She's very deliberate about it, and no humming. ;-)?Wilder hummed the very first time he ate food and he still does.

She weighs 15.6 pounds (35th percentile), she's 26.5 inches tall (75th) and she's wearing between 6 month and 9 month clothes. She is in size 3 diapers.

Right now we're in Paris, and we are so excited for little Felicity to see another country! I write about our family travels on my other blog:

Here are some more photos from Saturday:

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