Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wilder's April 2016

Wilder looking at the Eiffel Tower

I'm a bit behind on this post. We just got back from Paris last night with our family. I'll be blogging about the trip over at!

We have had so much fun with Wilder this month. He talks so much and it's fascinating to have insight into what he's thinking. He's over-enunciating a lot right now, it's so cute. 

Wilder really likes to spend time with us, and we enjoy that. He likes to play with his toys trains, cars and planes, read books morning and night, search for the moon in the sky and negotiate for iPad and pouches. 

On our trip, it was interesting because he really took to our borrowed things. The flat was owned by a family with several children, and he loved going in "his room" and playing toys. He really liked the stroller we borrowed and would ask to get in and go for a walk every day. And he liked taking Uber--he would ask to go for a ride in the minivan 😂. Watching him take in Paris and narrate what he saw was so fun. He was enthralled with the Eiffel Tower and going under tunnels and bridges. He went from being scared of pigeons to chasing the birds after he saw other kids doing it, and he had a good time playing with our French friends' little boys. That was really neat to see. He was really really adaptable, which surprised us a little bit.

Other things from this month... He told me I'm the best mom in the world! And he loves his family--he always wants to know where everyone is and wants us to play with him and read to him. It's a really special age, and Zach and I are soaking it up.

I didn't take any photos with my big camera / edits with Lightroom like I usually do, but I did take some with my fujifilm xt-1 and edited on my phone :-) here are some from around Paris!


Chasing pigeons

Playing with his French friend Maxime

Train ride!

Loving the train


Checking out the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles


Looking at the Eiffel Tower

Looking at the Eiffel Tower lit up!

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