Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wilder's March 2016

Wilder on Easter!

Happy Easter y'all! Wilder is so much fun these days. He's started conversing in complete sentences--it's pretty cool! He is working on talking to Felicity, which she thinks is the best. Right now he really loves this in-depth book on helicopters. He can point out the Chinook - his favorite--on sight, as well as the HIP, the Allouette... It's crazy. I can't even recognize them, except for the captions, but he knows a lot about them just from us reading the book to him, and he wants to read it for a long time multiple times a day. He has a book about cars and trains, now it's helicopters. I suppose we need one on planes next!

He's been sick a lot lately... A cold, a double ear infection followed by a virus that made him throw up in the car on the way home from the doctor- first time for everything. He was not a fan! So we have spent a lot of time secluded at home this month. It makes me sad, but just about every time this year that we go out somewhere with a lot of other kids or go to church, he's gotten sick. I know it's a season of life and he's at the age where they transmit illness so easily, but I hope his immune system builds up quickly. 

Even though Wilder is such a big boy now, I'm so thankful he still wants to be read to and rocked to sleep. I love that time with him! He has such a sweet heart and he so loves to spend time with family.

We had an Easter egg hunt at the house yesterday with some of our little friends and Wilder had SO much fun. He wanted to keep playing egg hunt all afternoon and today too. :-) He also got to have his first CANDY. Here are some photos from yesterday!

So cute I can't stand it!

first time to have candy!

Look at that chocolate!

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