Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Felicity 5 months

5 months old
Five months already! Our Felicity Rose is growing in leaps and bounds. She is wide-eyed and smiley--loves to see all there is to see in the world around her. Wilder can make her laugh just by smiling at her, and she is just such a vibrant, bouncing, happy addition to our family.

She's still very much my Velcro baby, but getting much better at playing with Daddy and Mimi and Papa. I know I'll miss these days where I'm her favorite person in the whole wide world, so I try to treasure these times. I love how she looks for me wherever I am, and how she smiles at me for no reason at all.

She's discovered her feet and likes to chew on them. She gets an A+ for tummy time--she prefers sleeping on her tummy. She likes sitting up a lot and she's close to sitting on her own. She will stand with assistance and bounce on your lap till your arms want to fall off.

Felicity can't wait to try food. She swipes at my plate every meal, stares down Wilder's every bite and licks the outside of my coffee mug if given the chance. No food yet. I'll give her tastes sometime in the next month and definitely after 6 months.

We went through a really rough few weeks where she didn't want to nap and she was sleeping 90 min at a time at night. I guess they call it the 4 month sleep regression. I was working hard late every night and burning the midnight oil, so I was drinking a lot of coffee. Once I realized there might be a connection I cut down the coffee to a single cup that even Wilder says is "mama's tiny coffee cup." Sad face. Almost instantly her sleep and naps got better. Or it could be that she got through the regression. She slept 7 hours straight two nights me in a row (which I didn't enjoy because of work). Except last night she was up every 90 min, again! She might be teething. It's always something! For now, She's taking two short naps and a long one, going to bed by 8, sometimes earlier, and waking up at 7 am. She's a bit off because of daylight savings still. She's started taking one of her naps in her big girl crib.

She blows bubbles, is exploring her voice and likes to read books a lot. Her favorites are foam books because she can eat them, but she likes other books too.

Felicity gets her height and weight stats tomorrow so I'll update then, but she's wearing 6 mo clothes (onesies are getting a little short), size 2 diapers and 3s for naps and bed.

Photos from today!

This face cracks me up

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