Wednesday, August 26, 2015

21 Months

21 months

Little Wild Man hit the 21-month mark yesterday! Every day he's coming up with new words. Wilder is a little ball of personality. He's so sweet, loves to be on the go, lovesssss to read, and is still our little cuddle bug. Simple things like going for a walk, playing in the sprinkler or chasing balloons just make his day. Lately he's been playing on our bed like it's a bounce house, diving headfirst into pillows and giggling all the while. He has a golf set from his papa, and he gamely tries to "hit balls" all over the place, while Ellie steals them away as fast as she can. He has about 10 books on rotation that he likes to read every day, and he can even call them by name.... sort of. We've been reading through the beginner's Bible--finished the New Testament tonight--and he calls it "People... God... Moon." Not sure where all that came from. There ARE a lot of people in the Bible, and he likes to look for the illustrations with the moon in them.

Transportation is the biggest thing to Wilder these days. He loves cars, trucks, construction vehicles, planes and trains. Can't get enough of them in toys, books, tv, real life...

He's been counting more lately. Just a few weeks ago counting looked like this: "one, two, green, four, v, v" but today, he counted to 10, getting almost all the numbers himself. He knows a lot of colors: red, green, yellow, orange, purple, white, blue.

Some of the fun things Wilder says these days:
"You do it"
"I got you"
"I found it"
"Okay" (he says this instead of "yes")
"Golf, hit balls, fast"
"Baby Ficity" (trying to say his sister's name!)

He will verbalize many things in the books we read, which makes for an entertaining experience. :-) He also is very affectionate to the books. If he sees a mama and a baby anything, he likes to say "aww" and kiss the picture. He likes to pet the cat pictures, and if there's a climactic moment (like Max the minnow almost getting eaten by a shark) he will pat his chest and say "ok? ok?"

Wilder also likes to pet the cats and pet Ellie whenever he can. He's very gentle with them.

Now that we've weaned (see post HERE) Wilder's bedtime/naptime routine is a little different. At the moment, he gets books read by both of us. When he's ready to sleep, he says "bed, kiss" and leans in for a kiss and then over to the bed. He's been taking a long time to get to sleep lately, but he is sleeping well at night and during naps.

Foods: the last week, Wilder has finally started eating some meats again. YAY! He's still not a big fan of veggies... they just sit on the plate, but he does like cucumbers, and will chow down on pasta, rice, toast and oatmeal. He eats a lot of fruit, a lot of yogurt and a lot of cheese. And millions of puree food pouches. OK not that many, but a LOT. We should buy stock in Ella's, just saying.

I stopped wearing Wilder in the Tula on my back, now that I'm really really pregnant, so the shopping cart is a new experience for him. He likes helping me, whether it's by putting things in the cart or on the conveyer belt, or holding the shopping list or receipt. It's always fun going to the grocery store with him because there's so much to talk about!

Here are some photos from today. Just a quick session--it's pretty hot outside still! Oh, and he got a haircut about 3 weeks ago--it's growing out now!

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