Wednesday, September 9, 2015

36 weeks

A little less than a month till my due date!

I'm in the home stretch! Today I am 36 weeks pregnant. I am always happy when I get past 34 weeks. My mom had me at 34 weeks, and I was so worried about that with Wilder--ironic, since he was born at 41 weeks 5 days! I breezed past 34 weeks and Monday was one month till my due date. I can't believe this pregnancy is almost over.

I have occasional contractions, and they kind of put me in a panic, because I still have assignments left to go before my due date. That number of stories is shrinking rapidly, though. I can see the finish line! I really just want to get these completed so I can relax and focus on my family during those early days with baby girl. It won't be the end of the world if I don't get it all done, but I sure would be a lot more stress-free going into labor if I could get them done.

So I workworkwork. Went to San Antonio twice this m month, and the last time, even with compression socks, I was really happy when I got home because I started swelling. No more long trips for me for a little while! I feel really heavy and bulky and it's hard to move quickly anywhere. I'm still trying to stay active--stretching and yoga, walking, some squats, but it's difficult. My calves have been hurting--the chiro says that's because pregnancy causes the muscles in your back and backs of your legs to contract as your body is pulled forward. Makes sense! My feet are starting to swell... yay. :-) Loving warm epsom baths. I'm still able to sleep well, but I'm not resting enough. I'm trying! :-) I still feel good most of the time, but I can definitely tell I'm carrying a big ol' baby, and my body is getting ready for labor.

Felicity's room is almost finished. We got her dresser, nightstand and chest of drawers yesterday. I'm waiting for some curtain tiebacks in the mail, and I'll be finishing her room next week with decor. I organized her closet on Monday. It's looking great! We have a few more items we need before she comes, but it's nice to already have some things from the first time around! Once it's done I'll take some photos and share them!

I'm packing our hospital bags today, just to have it done. :-) Probably she'll come late, but I'll feel better if I'm prepared!

We met our doula today and I think she'll be great to work with!

Yesterday I had my 36 week appointment with the midwife. All is well. Her head is down but she's moving around still. We scheduled the rest of our WEEKLY appointments till my due date! Getting close!

and... for comparison, here's a photo from the same point during my pregnancy with Wilder. I look a lot bigger and you can really see how much lower she's sitting! I weigh less than I did with Wilder at this point, but I've gained a bit more throughout pregnancy. Hoping not to gain any more, but I know she's growing at like an ounce a day? So I guess I'll be gaining a bit more. Oh well! It could be worse. :-)

I'm just really looking forward to meeting our baby girl and seeing Wilder interact with her too. It's going to be so different with two little ones, sometimes it seems overwhelming. But I'm excited for the challenge and I am excited to see how Felicity's personality shines through!

Thanks for reading!

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