Wednesday, August 12, 2015

32 weeks!

32 weeks along!
Just a quick post--I'm 32 weeks pregnant today! Well, yesterday, since it's after midnight. oops. 8 months along... only 8 weeks to go. It's crazy how fast this pregnancy has flown by. I'm definitely feeling pregnant all of the time these days. The usual back pain sets in at times. I get tired easily and can't move around as much. I still feel like I'm more mobile than I was with Wilder though. It's not a struggle to get out of bed yet, though getting up from the floor is a lot harder. Heaven forbid if I'm holding Wilder and I have to pick up something from the ground!

Cravings... Chinese food this time around! But not the house favorite, stir fry. My own recipe that the whole family loves... yeah it's one of my pregnancy aversions. BOOO. But lucky for us, a Chinese restaurant called Asian Gourmet opened a mile away with takeaway. It's good, cheap and has big portions for leftovers. Best of all, Wilder will eat their steamed veggies and shrimp and clean up on rice. It's a good option here and there for us!

Definitely popped out sooner with Felicity!

I feel like Felicity is riding lower than Wilder was. She's head down at this point (yay) and sometimes I can feel her testing out her space. You can see her movement, which is one of the cool things about being pregnant! I can't wait to hold a newborn again!

We've hired a doula. I feel good checking that off the list, and I think she'll be a great help. Talking to her just reminded me of my hopes for this delivery. I just hope for a shorter one. 76 hours is a really long time to be in labor. If I could even labor for half that long I would be good with it. So my prayer has been to be strong, open to pain and ready to get my baby girl out. I pray she has a smooth, uncomplicated delivery and that we both stay healthy and safe throughout. And I pray our breastfeeding journey is less painful at first than Wilder's was. But I know more this time around, there's less fear and I have resources I can lean on! I'm looking forward to meeting Felicity and seeing her develop a personality!

The nursery is coming along, and Zach has been working hard on his nesting projects. Zach took down the workout room mirrors, painted her closet and walls, we had the indoor/outdoor carpet replaced and Zach just redid the closet with shelves and hanging rods. It's a lot smaller of a room than Wilder's so we have to maximize the closet! The crib, bedding and glider are in the room. We have curtains and a rod ready to put up. I'm in search of the perfect used French Provincial style dresser to be a changing station, but I was waiting for the glider to arrive(earlier this week) to make sure everything will fit. That'll be a task for the next few weeks. I have an eiffel tower lamp that I got when I first moved to DFW, that was in Wilder's room for a while when his lamp broke, and now it gets to be in Felicity's room! Still working on decor, but that's the fun part. :-)

Bumping it along with Wilder (and Felicity). We walk around 3 miles at least 5 times a week.

Wilder and I still go for long walks, though I'm not the power walker I was earlier on, and I don't have the energy for lots of squats and pushups at the playground anymore. The heat is so so hard right now (over 100 too many times the last few weeks) and I'm longing for fall. I'm still getting chiro adjustments (apparently my SI joints alternate on locking up, which is why my low back hurts when it does) and I'm really excited about starting prenatal yoga with my favorite instructor again next week. It's been more than a month since the last class ended and I have really missed it!

The rest of this countdown to delivery is devoted to working my fanny off at my freelance work. I have a substantial master list of assignments due by/during/immediately after my maternity leave. I keep chipping away at it, turning stuff in early as I can and trying not to get overwhelmed. I've got three photo shoots next week, which could possibly be all the shoots I'll need to do before Felicity arrives... maybe have one more. The shoots are the big thing I want to get completed! I know I'll get everything done, but this is really what I've been up to lately. Workworkwork. Thankful I work from home and can also spend good time with Wilder, but the clock is ticking!

Wilder is officially weaned, as of Monday. It was a pretty smooth transition for him, but it was emotionally hard on me! I'll write about it in another post when I get a second, because I'd like to document the end of that journey. It was so rough at first, but so rewarding in the long run. I'm missing the snuggles already!! Looking forward to breastfeeding our newest addition!

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