Wednesday, June 24, 2015

25 weeks and cruising

My bump looks a bit funny because Wilder is using Baby Girl as a seat. Oops!

I totally missed last week's 24 week/6 month post because things were crazy and we were out of town. But here we are! This pregnancy has been flying by. Baby girl moves all the time, especially when I'm about to go to sleep! I'm feeling good. I've been working a TON (like 15.5 hours of photo shoots in an 8-day time frame) but my body has been holding up like a champ. I've started going to prenatal chiropractic adjustments again and returned to my beloved prenatal yoga. Wilder and I go for 30-60 minute walks just about every day and I'm getting better at doing my squats/pushups a few times a week.

I feel good right now, but I'm kind of dreading getting bigger and slower, to be honest. I have been blessed with uncomplicated pregnancies (knock on wood) but I really love being a mom with a baby more than being pregnant and ponderous. Really looking forward to meeting this little baby girl... that still doesn't have a name!

So we still have two names picked out. But we switched out one of them for a new one today. I really like our top two and we have the middle name pretty much set. As soon as we have it nailed down, you blog readers will get get to know!

The nursery is coming along. We have the crib, mattress, bedding, changing pad sheet, glider and ottoman. Still need to get a dresser/changing station and armoire... as well as a mobile, curtains and decor. But before we can put that in, we have to do a little bit of home improvement. Baby girl's room is the workout room right now. So we'll take down the big mirrors and tv ledge, pull up the industrial carpet and replace it with new carpet and repaint the walls. And fix up the closet. SO not a ton of stuff, but we can't put in the nursery items until we get those things done. But we are making progress! I can't wait to show you guys how it looks!

Tomorrow I'll post about Wilder turning 19 months old. :-)

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