Friday, November 1, 2013

Wilder Dean Boatwright's Travel Adventure Nursery

I'm so excited to show y'all Wilder's room! I had a vision when we first found out we were having a boy, and it's really neat to see how things turned out. So many parts of his room are sentimental to me because they were gifts from showers and throughout my life, that when I look around the room, I feel like our little one will be surrounded by love from family and dear friends. Thank you to Sharon and Zach for helping put it all together!

The where and the how:
  • Blue furniture and end table was my own from childhood--originally from Bassett Furniture.
  • The crib is from my grandma - BassettBaby
  • Bedding is from Target - from MIL
  • Sheepskin Rug - Amazon 
  • Rocking chair was my mom's and she used to rock us in it!
  • Ottoman - Target
  • Bookshelf - Target
  • Changing table and changing pad are from Buy Buy Baby
  • Owl Lamp - Target
  • Artwork on shelf - Etsy -  gift from SIL. Frames from Target 
  • Sign about books - Hobby Lobby - gift from my other SIL :-)
  • Silver frame photo is of my mom from my brother and SIL
  • Mobile over crib - Etsy - from SIL
  • Mobile over changing table - origami map planes made by BIL - assembled by Zach and I
  • Books and squirrels on shelf  were my Papa Wilder's
  • Model horses were all mine
  • Wreath and pennant made by Sharon
  • Kangaroo skin - from a friend in Australia
  • Train track print - from Society6 - friend from Australia
  • Quilts - handmade by talented friends!
  • Whale art - handmade by friend!
  • Wooden map art - handmade by SIL and dear friend
  • Wilder map sign - painted by friend
  • Horse canvas print - my own photo, put on canvas by my co-workers at APHA
  • W, D and Key - from Hobby Lobby from SIL
  • Hats on my antlers - maroon one is from SIL, black hat was my first show hat at age 11.

Eventually I'll put some curtains up when we get curtains for the rest of the house. For now, it's so great to have his room done!

And finally--unrelated-- the bump pics. :-)

I'm so excited it's November--I was worried Wilder might come early in October and I really wanted him to be a November baby! SO now... he can come when he wants. Hopefully he won't be too tardy. I've also started maternity leave--it's crazy to think about two months with no assignments--something that has not happened since I started working in January 2007. Heck, since Summer 2005 really because I worked at a magazine summer 2006 and had school through that fall. Anyway... I'm excited about the break and looking forward to meeting our bebeh! He's "dropped" but I don't think I'm having him tomorrow or anything. We shall see! 12 days till his due date.


  1. His nursery is so cute! And how special that you have so many from things from your family to remind him that he's always surrounded with their love....even if they aren't there.

  2. Everything is so adorable Abi and I love the theme! You have done such a good job:). I wish you the best and safe delivery!