Friday, October 28, 2016

Wilder's October 2016

Wilder, October 2016

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp air and changing leaves, the color of the light in the morning and afternoon, fall foods and beverages, sweaters, boots and holidays. Sharing this time with the birthdays of both my kids is just icing on the cake! Wilder turns 3 next month and the last few weeks we've seen him enter another stage of independence. We're learning how to parent as we go so it's been a bit challenging as he is pressing against boundaries.

But Wilder is also the sweetest little boy. He is intuitive and cautious. He's happy, observant, he loves to narrate his life and he enjoys his toys. He likes to read books, play trains, play and talk about his toy cars and push his shopping cart (and Sister's new stroller push toy) around the house at top speed.

Felicity got a bunch of toys of her own for her birthday, but Wilder loves playing with them. From the tea set to the stroller to the picnic basket--he thinks it's great fun. Luckily, Felicity shares.

He laughs with Felicity at times, though he does not like her touching his things. He's really reaching out in social situations. A couple of times this month he's just really put himself out there playing WITH and talk to other kids, whereas before he would just observe others and play by himself.

Wilder is becoming more affectionate with me. I love when he comes up to me, looks me right in the eye and tells me he loves me!  Right now he says things are "so cute" and "I like it very much!" In a sing-song voice when he likes them. He gets so much joy from the little things in life, from a toy car to watching a backhoe in the neighborhood.

We started potty training this week. Lord give us strength! I'll spare you the details, but it's definitely a challenge.

Here are some photos from yesterday morning. We had fun!

he looks like a teenager here. WHAT??

This series of photos of Felicity cracks me up. She's got my phone (doesn't know how to work it), her toy remote and my camera lens cap.

She saw an airplane, but the pose is hilarious. SUPERSTAR.

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