Thursday, June 16, 2016

Felicity 8 months

8 months old
Happy 8 months Felicity! She woke up this morning and looked at Zach and said "Dada" clear as can be. She makes sounds like mamamama and dadada all the time, but she said it like a word! Who knows. We love her babbling and roaring and screeching.

Felicity finally got her first tooth--make that TWO teeth--at the same time. Thank the Lord. We have a small respite from teething some days. She still has swollen gums so I'm thinking more are on their way.

She's such a happy, content baby. She smiles so much, just so joyful. Loves clapping! She is perfectly pleased just sitting with a few toys watching the world around her for longer than you would imagine. She still love to bounce in your arms as long as you'll do it though. She's great at tummy time and she can scoot all over her bed, but only on all fours for a little at a time. She's getting to where she wants to go though--sitting down, if she wants something or wants to move, she flails her arms.

She weighs 16.2 pounds as of last week. Just got over a nasty virus, thank goodness she's better! She's wearing 9 month old clothes but they're starting to be a bit small! She just outgrew her hat that is 6-12 month old... 

She sleeps at night really well most of the time. Goes to bed by 8, sometimes wakes up once in the nights and she's up for good by 6:15-6:30. She takes one short nap in the morning sometimes and a little bit longer one after lunch most days.

I'm so loving watching her take in her world and interact with it. She is just a little ray of sunshine. She likes shiny things like jewelry and sparkly lamps, her favorite book is the Babylit Pride & Prejudice, and she has commandeered Wilder's baby doll as her own. She loves to be outside watching brother run around and trying to eat grass.

She's eating 3 meals a day right now, but breakfast is pretty minimal. She loves strawberries, blackberries and cucumber. She just tried cauliflower tater tots and loves them. She'll eat most things you put in front of her as long as she can grab it.

We are in Red River, NM, right now. We had a 12-hour drive yesterday and she only had one meltdown!

Here are some photos from Tuesday. It was late in the day and she was tired so she's not quite her usual smiling self.


Tears are a coming. She looks just like baby photos of Zach here

And we're done! Need a nap mama!

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