Thursday, July 16, 2015

28 weeks and the name reveal

Helloo! Yesterday I reached the 28 week mark. I'm 7 months pregnant with 12 weeks to go. I've officially started the third and final trimester! This pregnancy has flown by. I try to compare it to how I felt pregnant with Wilder, and I think I feel better? More fit? More active? Less anxious? I don't know. Physically, I feel good most of the time. I have random pain near my sacrum and earlier this week she dropped down low in my pelvis for a bit, which didn't feel good. Luckily it was only for about a day. 

Mentally, I'm really excited about having our little girl join the family. However, I have a TON of work to turn in between now and then! I'm in countdown mode already and kind of stressed about it, but I just keep chipping away at my deadlines every day.

I'm so thankful the weather is just now getting really hot. Wilder and I go walking for an hour and then go to the playground just about every day right after breakfast. I can handle the heat then, but anytime after that it's rough. We try to stay inside, or play with the water table/kiddie pool in the shade at that point. I feel like it hasn't been as hard on me heat wise this pregnancy, but I think it's really because we've had a milder summer and I try to stay indoors when it's really hot.

Cravings--nothing really, beside Nutella and Dr. Pepper. I've been trying all kinds of new recipes, so healthy and fresh flavors are fun. Still can't stand eating fish (other than cooked sushi) and shrimp is touch and go. Chicken is also touch and go, but mostly a go. I'm better about leftovers this time around, thank goodness!

So now the big news: We picked a name for our baby girl!
Felicity Rose Boatwright
Felicity Rose is our baby girl's name! We'd been deliberating between two names for a couple of months, with Rose as the middle name, but neither were just a lock. Zach suggested Felicity, and very quickly we felt that was the right name. I love the meaning: happy. I love how lacy and antiquey it is. I love that it's not quite as long as one of the other names we were considering, and easier to say. No nicknames are just a given. It's uncommonly used, but familiar to everyone. And I think Wilder and Felicity just go together well as a sibling set.

It's such a good feeling to have a name picked out, and it makes everything even more real!

Nothing much else going on here. We've been traveling a lot for work and to see family. We have one more trip to San Antonio planned, and we'll otherwise be home the rest of the pregnancy. This is a good thing, to finish our home projects and tackle the workload. And also so I can do fun stuff like go to the zoo and play with Wilder!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the name! She was a great saint too.


  2. Love the name! She was a great saint too.