Tuesday, May 26, 2015

18 months

18 months

18 months is such a milestone. He's a year and a half! He's fully into "toddler" mode. No more walking like a mummy. He runs, stomps, jumps, spins in circles and much more. He spends his awake hours walking around the house or outside, exploring all there is to see and touch. He loves to read, watches Bob the Builder as much as we let him and he's obsessed with all things vehicle. From mail trucks to backhoes, Wilder can't get enough of wheeled things. He loves to play with his toy trucks and cars. he's such a fun, inquisitive boy, and he says new words every day!

  • This month, Wilder: 
  • Weighs 19 lb 11 oz, has a head circumference of 47.5 cm and is 32 inches tall. He's grown like two inches since his last well visit and his head is in the 50th percentile, but he's still a little peanut! He is the same clothes sizes as last  month: 12 month pants are saggy in the waist and 18 mo tops. He wears suspenders and belts. :-) Still wears 4W shoes, sometimes 4.5W.
  • He has 15 teeth and one more molar just about to come in. Teething has been tough this past month! He also battled hand foot and mouth a few weeks ago. So hard on the little guy, but he's all better now.
  • He walks and runs, stomps, scoots, turns in circles and backs up. He can navigate steps and stairs easily, and can walk over rough terrain.
  • Wilder can say more than 35 words now, and adds more every day. He is getting better at connections too! He can tell you if his food is hot or cold, and his new favorite word is "No." :-)
  • He sleeps through the night most of the time, although he has been getting up between 5 and 6 am many days. He takes one good long nap a day, and usually goes to bed between 7:30-8 pm.
  • Wilder's really into food pouches right now. He eats like 2 per meal and for snacks. He loves cheese and yogurt, but corn on the cob is his FAVORITE. Yesterday he cried and cried when he realized we had to cook the corn before he could eat it. He also really likes oatmeal and toast with a smidge of jelly. 
  • he likes to carry around his sleep sack like he's Linus from Charlie Brown. But we can always tell when he's ready for a nap because he'll grab his sleep sack and go lie down on a pillow.
  • It's been monsoon season here, so Wilder has not been able to play outside as much as usual. But he enjoys going for long walks in the stroller and we get good play at the playground at church where the ground drains much faster. Looking forward to a bit dryer conditions!
  • Wilder got to have a vacation with his Mimi and Papa this month without mama and dad. He did great with a few tears after FaceTime and when I wasn't there to put him to sleep or pick him up when he woke up. Zach and I missed him every second we were gone.
  • My big boy is still really into snuggles. He's definitely still in the wanting mom stage, and I love it!


Loves hugging the kitty

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