Thursday, December 25, 2014

13 months

13 months old!

I'm done with the monthly stickers, but I still like to capture a snapshot of the month, so here are some from Christmas morning, Wilder's 13 month birthday. :-)

This month, Wilder:

  • Has mastered cruising and is beginning to let go of support. He's got pretty good balance, but our careful guy is reluctant to take steps without backup. He gets around quickly though, by holding onto things and crawling!
  • Started stacking blocks and other items on Tuesday!
  • Said his first words: mama and dada. He's also said "puffs" and "moon". He knows who people and pets are, and nods his head when you ask him things like "would you like a drink of water?" "Do you want to see the Christmas tree?"
  • Loves all the Christmas decorations and the tree is a new fascination every morning
  • Is obsessed with the advent calendar
  • He'll do a spin on his bottom to get to a new direction
  • Shares his food, toys, you name it with anyone!
  • Still loves reading. His favorite books right now are Curious George Goes to the Zoo and Where is Baby's Puppy? He will point things out in the books and laugh when you finally find whatever character has been hiding.
  • Takes 1-2 naps a day and wakes up once in the night.
  • Eats lots of things. Right this second his favorite food is pomegranate seeds, followed by yogurt and strawberries. He enjoys almond butter toast too.
  • Playing outside is his favorite activity besides reading. He loves leaves!
  • He's wearing 12 month clothes. Pants are still a bit long.
  • He's such a sweet, happy boy. He laughs at everything and loves participating in conversations with laughter. He is our joy!

More photos!

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