Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12 months old

12 months old!!

Today is the day, my friends. Thank you for walking with me through Wilder's first year! At 6:08 a.m. one year ago, Wilder Dean Boatwright joined our family. What a joy and a blessing he is--far more than I ever expected. As I've been looking through photos from the last 12 months(wayyy too many :-)) I'm overwhelmed with how much Wilder has changed. From a shell-shocked newborn to a happy infant, a charismatic baby to a curious little boy. He laughs all the time and he loves to cuddle. He's precise, determined and meticulous, but loves to explore his world and enjoys his foods. Wilder, I'm so very excited to watch you grow up!

This month, Wilder:

  • Height: 29.5" weight 17 lb, head 45.75 cm. His 12 month appointment isn't until December 1, so these stats are what Zach and I put together. He wears 12 month clothes, but his pants are too long.
  • Wilder says mamama, hey, and wow. He'll nod his head yes and shake it no, but he doesn't always connect words/actions with what's going on. He points things out all the time though!
  • Wilder is standing holding on to things all the time. ALL THE TIME. He's cruising too-- taking little steps while hanging on. And every so often he lets go of everything for a second or two and just stands by himself! He can crawl really fast.
  • He eats 3 meals a day with a snack or two. He loves yogurt, any kind of meatball and fruit, especially apples and pears. He's started using a spoon for soups and yogurt and is very deliberate about it, but he mostly still eats with his hands. He'll also "dip" things into his bowl. He can drink from his cup and water bottles with help.
  • He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and wakes up between 6:30 and 7. He usually takes two naps, sometimes only one (Mama does NOT like that). He will occasionally sleep from bedtime to morning, but usually wakes once to nurse.
  • Wilder LOVES airplanes right now. He can hear them from inside the house and will point toward the ceiling. Outside he can hear and spot them before we can. They've been flying around here a lot lately, so he really enjoys walks and being outside spotting planes.
  • Wilder will sit in front of his bookshelf and choose books to read--pulling every single one off the shelf. He loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Huggy Kissy, Sophie the Giraffe books, Where is Baby's Belly Button? Barnyard Dance and those bathtub dollar store books. He will read for a very long time (like 10 books in a sitting).
  • Wilder loves to flip light switches on and off. On and off. Off and on. And he'll open his kitchen cabinet and take out every single cup and piece of tupperware. And sit in front of his toy box and systematically take every toy out. We've not graduated to putting anything back... :-)
  • He recognizes people and pets, and is starting to connect things like turning a switch on to the light switching on and off overhead. He'll sit and play with a bead pusher toy or toys with buttons for a long long time.
  • He still has 8 teeth - 4 on top, 4 on the bottom, but he's been teething all month. I think some molars are next!

As always, here are some more photos!

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