Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seven Months Old

7 months old

I'm posting this so late! I took these photos the day I got home from a work conference in SC--my first time to be away from Wilder--and we left less than 12 hours later for New Mexico. My computer forgot to make the trip! Anyhow, these were taken just before Wilder's 7 month birthday. 

I feel like Wilder is starting to be a little boy. A teeny tiny one, but he's less and less a baby every day. He's still at the bump in a log stage though--you sit him down with some toys and a book and that's where he stays, until you pick him up or let him bounce up and down. He's such a cuddler and really happy. Even if he's not happy, he laughs quickly and is easily comforted most of the time. He's just a joy and every change in our life is worth it for the happiness he brings our family.

This month, Wilder:
  • Weighs 15 lb 14 oz and is 26.5 inches long
  • Sits by himself and can roll from back to front to back-- mostly just from front to back. He can also scoot around like a clock hand on his back.
  • Says ay-yi-yi, mama, dada… but not connected to anything yet.
  • Takes three naps most days on a pretty regular schedule and sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am with 1 or 2 snack breaks.
  • Can clap a hand to his fist (learned to clap with both hands after his birthday). He likes giving high fives and smacking doors and walls with his hand.
  • Has his first two teeth! The first one popped out while I was gone! The second tooth came out right on his 7 month birthday.
  • Eats all kind of foods. His favorites are broccoli, asparagus, mangoes and apples. He has also started actually eating stuff--rather than just playing with it.
  • Drinking water out of his own cup is his favorite part of the eating routine. 
  • Can pick up just about anything, even heavy board books and "read" them to himself.
  • Stands up with assistance
  • Laughs and mimics faces
  • Makes a surprised face all the time. It's awesome.
  • Loves sitting in grass and pulling it up to try to eat it.
  • Thinks Pierre is his own personal cat, just for petting. Pierre signs up for the punishment and hangs out with Wilder whenever he's around.
  • Loves taking selfies on mama's phone. Sorry, he's a child of this generation!

Here are some more photos!

got mama's camera strap!

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