Thursday, April 25, 2013

Telling the family

It's been very hard not telling our nearest and dearest. We told Zach's parents fairly soon, but we held off on telling my family because we wanted to wait until after my brother Jonathan's wedding April 20. Happily, he and Holly are now married and honeymooning, so we told my family April 21. Here's a video of us telling Sharon and Dean on their wedding anniversary. We gave them a card with a long poem and signed the bottom "Love Zach, Abby and Baby Boatwright, coming November 2013." The reaction is priceless.

At the hotel the day after my brother's wedding, we met with my family. My dad exchanged birthday gifts for Zach and I, and we gave him a gift. It's a t-shirt that says "World's Best Grandpa." Here's how he responded. :-)

We rushed home to Fort Worth to our spring birthday gathering for more of Zach's family, and shared with them our news. We've been telling more family over the past few days. It's wonderful to have the news out there! We'll be sharing with more people in the next week. :-)

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