Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prego updates

Since we haven't announced to the world our news, I've been lax about writing posts on the blog. We just told our families this weekend, so... I need to catch up! I'll start with a momentous occasion.

We got to see King George Strait with my brother Jonathan and his then-fiance Holly and her parents. It was surreal seeing the legend and I felt so privileged knowing our BABY got to experience George on his farewell tour. Maybe it'll inspire a love for country music!

On to my not so successful countdown photos. I'm a chalkboard fail. Just putting it out there.

I missed week 7 because we went to San Antonio, and I've missed the last two weeks because I ran out of time for week 9 and I was in Houston for week 10. Needless to say, it's been a really busy first trimester. Baby Boatwright and I have floated the Comal River, worn a bridesmaid dress and traveled several thousand miles.

Speaking of being on the road, Zach and I traded in Hermione, my faithful 2008 Volkswagen Jetta, for a 2013 Ford Explorer we've dubbed Cora the Explorer, after the mother in Downton Abbey. :-) Poor Jetta had 170,000+ miles already and was quickly costing more than it was worth. The Explorer is so so comfortable and perfect for the constant road trips we have to make. When people see it, they start wondering why we needed such a big vehicle, but with a baby (and fur baby, and two cats) on trips, it makes sense. Here she is!

At seven weeks, we visited the midwife, and were actually able to see the heartbeat! Here's a blurry photo of the sonogram. You can't really see anything else yet but... there's our baby!

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