Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where's Mr. Carson when you need him??

A little Downton Abbey humor for ya :-)

This Keep Calm pic seemed appropriate today. We moved in Wednesday and Thursday and spent our first night in our home Thursday. The place was such a disaster, but we at least made our bed and I tried out the jacuzzi tub. Friday my brother and his girlfriend stayed with us, so we spent the day picking up things at our teeny Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. We also put all our furniture in the right places and even set up the upstairs areas. A couple of footmen and a valet would have been nice, but we're not Downton Abbey so we definitely got a workout. My feet are still recovering. I'm pretty excited to have rooms ready for guests, and all my favorite bathroom stuff got to go in the guest bathroom. :-)

Zach was overjoyed to discover some bedding I've had since college. He giddily made me put it on the bed where my super-conservative, straight-laced Army brother Jonathan would be sleeping. Here's the bed. Please note that I don't plan to have the guest room looking like a shoutout to my 12-year-old self all the time.

Note the My Little Pony pillowcase!
Zach has this running joke with Jonathan about pink everything. He's nearly convinced some family members that pink is Jon's favorite color. 

So we gave Jon and Holly a tour of the house, and showed Jonathan the room. At midnight, because they got in late and the comforter was taking forever to dry. Jon is such a good sport--his face was priceless.

So funny

Zach loved it too :-)

We had a great weekend at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas and hanging in Fort Worth for dinner with Holly and Jon. They even got us a wonderful housewarming gift that is perfect for the direction we want to go decor-wise. 

Sunday was the day we *really* needed Mr. Carson to fix our lives. I was in the master bedroom closet while the shower upstairs was being used, and noticed water spitting out of the A/C vent in the ceiling. That's going to need to be fixed ASAP...

Then I tried to do laundry to get ready for a work trip tomorrow and after three loads in our dryer of 48 hours, the "check exhaust" error message came on. My mother-in-law suggested looking for the dryer vent. It looks like it goes up two stories out the roof. That seems a bit far from the dryer on the first floor... so, on top of the big list of maintenance/improvements we're going to be making... these two items top the chart. 

Where's my darjeeling Mr. Carson??!?

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