Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome to Downton Blabby!

Welcome to our new home! Would you like to take a look around? These are photos I took before we owned the house (it was actually during the inspection, hence the ladders and such) so this is a good chance to see it before we make any changes. 

Cue Downton Abbey theme song. Missing a giant golden labrador... just pretend. ;-)

This is the street view-- the building on the left is the detached garage. I love the Austin stone and brick, and we hope to put some rocking chairs on the porch.
To the left of this photo is the front door. I am standing in the formal living room. You can see the doorway to the study, the utility room, downstairs bathroom, stairs, living room, master bedroom and dining room. :-) It's an open floor plan, which I love!

This is the study, where we'll be spending a LOT of time. The floor looks like wood, but it's actually ceramic tile!
Downstairs bathroom. Yes, that's animal print. Eventually we'll paint. :-)
This is the utility/mud room. That shower is for Zach when he comes home from soccer I guess!
Master closet--it has a vanity!

Master bathroom. Eventually I'll get rid of the wallpaper and brass, but it's ok for now. Can't wait to use the tub!
Master bedroom--that door straight ahead goes to the back patio. Door on the right goes to the living room.
Living room. I'm so excited we have a fireplace! Not sure what we'll do with that hole in the wall--TVs aren't that shape anymore...
Kitchen. It's the only room in the house not neutral colors. But somehow it works. I love the slate colored tile throughout the house--it matches our table!
Upstairs living area
Upstairs bathroom. Again with wallpaper and brass... at least it's consistent!
Backyard patio - we're going to do something cool here eventually! They left the patio furniture and it's nice!
Backyard view of the detached garage.
Breezeway between garage and utility room. I think it would be nice to just sit out here!

So there's our house! We're planning to move in next week. Even though the house is ready to go, we've got a list of things we want to do to it. I supposed that's a lifetime-long task, but we're really excited. I've been looking at furniture and decor, but I think we're just going to move in with what we have and a few pieces we got great deals on. I DO plan to get some fall decor because I don't want to wait a whole year for pumpkins! And I want to plant a few fall trees/plants. 

What do y'all think? Do you have any suggestions for decor/style/gardening?


  1. That hole sure is interesting. I think you should get one of those custom built designer aquariums for it. Hehe. ;)


  2. Your home is gorgeous!! I'm so happy for you guys (and Ellie!). Congratulations.

  3. OMG THE CLOSET!! WITH THE VANITY!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I so cannot wait to come over and party!

  4. haha Candice--that would be candy in a bowl for the cats! Thanks Jessica! Stacy that's exactly what I said when I saw pics of this house. I was like nice, nice, ni--OMG THERE IS A DESK IN THE CLOSET LETS GO LOOK RIGHT NOW. :-) We'll have a party as soon as possible for sure.

  5. Great pictures and beautiful house Abby! I love the open concept and super large master bedroom! I know you will put some great touches on it but I'm guessing there will be some purple in the decorating scheme?

  6. OMG The place is gorgeous, Abby!!!