Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wilder and Felicity, February 2017

Wilder, Februrary 2017

Felicity, 16 months

Just some notes from February, since I'm backdating these posts. :-/

Wilder likes to say "I've never seen ______" before! Even if it's something he sees every day, like a crane. I think he gets it from Percy off Thomas & Friends. Wilder was the ring bearer for Zach's cousin Becky, and he looked so handsome in hits 3-piece suit. He walked down the aisle by himself during rehearsal with his eyes closed because of the people!  He pushed Felicity in the stroller all by himself! Tough to do with a big double stroller! Wilder got a doctor kit, and as he laid out the toys for the first time, Felicity swiped one. So he gathered them all up and ran off to my room where he could line them all up carefully. I went in to check on him and he asked to be left alone. Ha!

Right now, Felicity likes to be silly when you're putting her down for the night, but if you say "are you ready for bed?" she burrows into you. She started saying Wilder's name - more like "wowduh" and it's so cute. A friend of ours said Felicity is a "participant in her life" and it's so true. She gets into everything and is constantly DOING things. It's interesting in contrast to Wilder. I feel that he really likes to narrate his life. He still does things, but is very much interested in talking about it as he does it. Felicity now has more hair than I do, and it's like princess hair: perfect curls, no frizz! Right now, I think I can say this because I know she'll grow out of it, but Felicity runs just like an orangutan. She's still figuring out how to walk. It's so funny.

The kids made cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Wilder likes cracking eggs and stirring. Wilder let Felicity play with his trains for the first time.

Here are some photos from a couple of days in February. They're so on-the-go, it's hard to catch them sitting still!

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