Sunday, May 25, 2014

Six Months Old

6 months old
Today is Wilder's 6 month birthday. I feel like it's such a milestone! My baby is halfway to a year old--where has the time gone?? He's been growing in leaps and bounds. This month, Wilder:

  • Weighs 15 lb .05 oz and is 25.75" long
  • Sits up by himself for long periods of time
  • Takes baths sitting up by himself in the big tub
  • Says things like "kkkk" and "guh" and "mmmmmm" and "ddddd" along with all kinds of loud long singing
  • Still teething off and on but no teeth yet
  • Has slept through the night (from 8 pm to 7 am) like EIGHT times in the last two weeks. Regularly sleeps 6-8 hours straight. I don't know how long this will last, but it's been really amazing!
  • Picks up and drops toys like a claw machine, especially his soft cube
  • Stands up and bounces off your lap or the bed all the time. While being held of course :-)
  • Insists on turning pages (and trying to eat) books. We are only reading board books for the time being because of this.
  • Loves spending time in the shade outside on a picnic blanket
  • Likes listening to classical music--he'll stop whatever he's doing to listen quietly or sing
  • Has started eating solid table food. His favorite is broccoli so far.
  • Loves grabbing a cup of water and drinking out of it. He is the master of backspit though!

Here are some more photos. And in honor of the '06 month… my class year… we took some Aggiefied photos too!

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