Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Four Months Old

Four Months Old
Today we are headed to Florida to visit family. This is Wilder's first plane ride! He's such a joy to be with--everything is interesting and entertaining to him. He has such a sweet heart so far!

This month, Wilder:

  • Weights 14 pounds and is 24.75 inches long.
  • Rolled over from back to front
  • Prefers to sleep on his side
  • Takes naps in his pack n play--no more naps in the swing. He gets to be in his big boy crib when we get back!
  • Baby talks, laughs, squawks, screeches--you name it. He is constantly trying to communicate with everyone.
  • He felt grass for the first time and LOVED it. This kid loves being outside.
  • Has gotten awesome at tummy time
  • Tries to walk when you hold him upright
  • Reaches out to hug his family
  • Tries to pet the cats and dog
  • Turns pages in his books
  • Puts many things in his mouth
  • Alternates between waking up 3x a night and sleeping through the night. Can't be too predictable Mom!
Here are some more photos!

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