Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We are...

Yes folks, the Boatwrights are having a baby! We found out one week ago today, so on March 6. I'm writing this on March 13, 2013--and in exactly eight months (November 13) our little one will be joining the world!

The day I found out, I took several tests over the course of the day. The one in the morning had a faint sign, but any second line means your pregnant. To be sure, I took another one that afternoon. It was an even stronger positive. I went to dinner with a friend on cloud 9. Picked up a jar of spaghetti and a digital test and rushed home to take it.

That test made things so much more real. I was shaking as I set up the table to tell Zach. He was on the phone with my brother, then sending an email, etc. I told him I got him something, and led him with his eyes closed over to the table. After a whole day of not telling anyone, it was such a relief to have my best friend in on our secret. We both started crying tears of happy joy. We'd prayed for a baby, but had really planned on working on it in March. But God said this was the right time.

If you know me AT ALL, what is the first thing I did? Pick up a pregnancy book right? Yeah you're right. I'm such a Hermione. I already had pregnancy books that I was studying to be prepared, so I picked back up on reading. I also made an appointment with a Nurse-Midwife at UNT Health in Fort Worth. I'd visited once before earlier this year, and right now I'm just waiting to get my blood test and meet with the midwife. I don't know what our "birth plan" will look like just yet, but a low-intervention birth in a birthing room attached to a hospital appeals to me the most. I've grown up with relationships with alternative doctors (went to a holistic chiropractor for most issues growing up versus a regular doctor) so I think that idea makes sense to me. We've a long way to go and of course, more research, but this is the first game plan so far.

So this week I've focused on adjusting to the idea that even though I have no symptoms (no morning sickness, thank goodness!) I am definitely pregnant. Zach and I have taken another look at our diet. We usually eat pretty well but the last few months we've been a little lax and enjoyed a lot of wine. Back to fresh organic stuff, less processed food, more protein (for me) and lots more water versus other fluids for me. I thought losing coffee would be awful, but all week leading up to the test I didn't have much of a taste for it anyway (GASP). I decided to just limit myself to one 8 oz cup instead of multiple 12 oz ones. Out of that one cup, I typically only drink half, and it's been great. I feel good and I get my little coffee taste. That has been a blessing. And I've actually toned up after cutting out the extra empty calories.

So today we tried to do a countdown photo. All this time I was counting my "weeks pregnant" from the day I ovulated, which was wrong. Instead of being like 3 weeks pregnant, I realized I'm actually FIVE weeks pregnant. And Baby Boatwright has grown from being a poppy seed last week to a sesame seed. Something about that 5 week mark just made this get real for me!

I have to share about my pinterest FAIL. I love the countdowns that use a chalk board and I had all these grand ideas for my own. I got this tutorial, got a chalkboard from Amazon, got chalk from Michael's, downloaded some fonts to try and designed how it would look on the computer so I could copy it. However, I didn't have a sharpener for my chalk. No biggie right?

Wrong. Instead of a pretty design, it looks like a little kid wrote the design. I don't have the best handwriting anyway--that honor goes to Zach, and my chalk was totally not working for me. Meanwhile the light outside was going away and my hope of getting dinner in the overn before Zach came home slipped away. Zach got home and bless his heart, he was very kind about the board. FInally I got it done and it still looked NOTHING like I'd hoped, but it would do for today. I figure we have several more tries to get it pretty over the weeks. And you ladies with chalkboards have my admiration. Please share your secrets!

***If y'all don't mind or if you're remotely interested, I thought I would keep track of the pregnancy through this blog as well as the rest of our lives. If you're not interested, feel free to scroll on by. I've still got travel recaps and house projects I'll be sharing!***

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