Monday, September 24, 2012

Copperhead Road

The appraisal has gone through on our Fort Worth house, but we're still waiting to close. Hopefully we will close on the house sometime this this week. In the mean time, THIS happened.

Yeah. So last night we arrived at our place in Cedar Hill after a long weekend in Aggieland and celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday. I was unloading the car and Ellie scampered out to the driveway to look for geckos like she always does. Suddenly Zach yelled and snatched Ellie away from a snake she was investigating on the driveway. It was a copperhead - the one on top in the photo above.

Luckily Ellie didn't get bitten. We're SO glad. Zach called his dad and the two of them went to town in the bushes area in the front yard. They found three more snakes--the one on the bottom is about 2.5 feet long and as big around as a rake handle. After Dean left, we looked out the glass by the front door and saw ANOTHER snake slither across the door mat. I made Zach leave it alone because I read this article and it said most people who get bitten are trying to kill them. Also, the bite effect photos are gross. Who knows how many more are out there!

Today we're calling the city, and getting some "Snake Away" which a neighbor said will help. I guess this part of Cedar Hill is snake country. All I know is I'm wearing boots and will be carrying Ellie to the sidewalk for her walks from now on.

I wonder if we'll have snakes at our new place?

Have y'all had any encounters with snakes? How did you handle them?

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